Big Bag for Your Helmet

May 16, 2017 by  

TLD SE4 Helmet Bag

When it’s time to pack-up your golden crown (aka helmet), and get on down the highway to the next race, the SE-4 Helmet Bag by Troy Lee Designs is the place to park it with pride.

There are those who keep their helmet pristine, in the draw-string bag it came in.

And then there are some who “christen” a new helmet with a quick-skip across a freshly-asphlated parking lot, for good measure.

In either case, the long view means a respectful home for your helmet, inside the SE-4.

It’s a durable, light-weight transport, with TLD logo (which tells any-and-all onlookers that you are a BMXer who appreciates the finer-things). Plus, a velcro lock handle and side zipper pocket for storage.

When you’re moving from race to race, the SE-4 is the “head case,” you need to be carrying.


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