2017 UCI BMX SX World Cup Kicks Off

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2017 UCI BMX World Cup - Stop 1
The 2017 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series got underway over the weekend in Papendal, Netherlands. Since the finale in Sarasota last October, the format of the series has undergone some important changes to improve the “raceability” of the program, and also to get more bang for the buck out of the trip for riders and crew, alike.

For years, a typical World Cup weekend involved qualifying on Friday and racing on Saturday. In the original format, Friday meant watching every one of the ~160 riders take one solitary lap to determine the top 64 or top 32 who would qualify into Saturday’s “big show.”

You could fly to Pietermaritzburg, South Africa (which is only 700 miles to the farthest point on Earth from LAX), unclip out of the gate, and your trip was over—in two seconds.

Thankfully, they fixed that a few years back, with the introduction of three rounds of racing on Friday for the riders outside the top spots in the points. And those top points holders would run a time trial “Superfinal” lap to determine the top time—for which there was no real prize or glory—just gate pick.

The 2017 flavor of BMX Supercross does away with time trials altogether (can I get a “hallelujah?”). That was a must, in order to make way for a second change to the program: two full-score days of racing. So now, three stops on the calendar means six scores. This is both a nice efficiency, and an economic necessity, as national federations around the world trim the funding of BMX programs.

The new qualification method on race day is that all riders race first round, with the top 4 qualifying on to the “single-elimination” rounds later in the day (1/16 finals,1/8 finals, 1/4 finals, etc). Those who did not place top four in the first round are re-racked into a “Last Chance Qualifier,” where the top four are, once again, transfered out to the next round.

The rest of the program is run as it has historically run—top four to next round until we have a final gate of eight for a main event.

In Papendal, Elite Men had 176 riders on day one—enough to give them 1/32 finals. Elite women had 45 riders, and the single-elimination rounds started with 1/8 finals.

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Long-time host, Pete Dylewski is back on the scene for 2017, but assumes a new role among the action, interviewing finishers with the hand-held mic. In the booth, we have Dr. Jason Richardson and former Elite Women star, Samantha Cools with the back & forth.

The whole event was streamed live on BMXLIVE.TV. Below, we have embedded the full-program of each race day for your viewing pleasure (with timecode cues to fast-forward to the semis, if you choose).


Day One

Elite Women Semis start at 4:40:29
Elite Men Semis start at 4:52:09

Elite Women Final starts at 5:09:32
Elite Men Final starts at 5:21:41

Day Two

Elite Women Semis start at 3:49:30
Elite Men Semis start at 4:09:10

Elite Women Final starts at 4:30:00
Elite Men Final starts at 4:41:35


Some INCREDIBLE racing over both days. The new format has shown to work very well, and sets up the 2017 World Cup series to be one of the most exciting on record.

The series continues next week, as everyone heads over to Zolder, Belgium—location of the 2015 UCI BMX World Championships—for stop two on the 2017 UCI BMX World Cup series.


Elite Women – Day One
Laura Smulders (NED)
Yaroslava Bondarenko (RUS)
Judy Baauw (NED)

Elite Men – Day One
Sylvain Andre (FRA)
Dave Van der Burg (NED)
Twan van Gendt (NED)

Elite Women – Day Two
Laura Smulders (NED)
Mariana Pajon (COL)
Lauren Reynolds (AUS)

Elite Men – Day Two
Joris Daudet (FRA)
Tory Nyhaug (CAN)
Connor Fields (USA)

Top photo courtesy of Jerry Landrum,


UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Results

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