Reader Letter: How Much Are the Worlds?

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How Much are the 2017 Worlds

My daughter qualified for Worlds and we are ready to sign her up. I have seen a lot of varying information on Facebook on how much it is going to cost. Some say $500, some say $900, some say $700. We are trying to get the money together to do this, but don’t know how much we’ll actually need. Can you help?


Thanks for writing LB. To get right to it, the answer to your question is “Yes, we can help.” As for the cost, the answer is not as straightforward. There are a lot of variables that could impact the final cost of your registration.

For this excursion, you need to start out with a USA Cycling membership (since USAC is the direct affiliate to UCI). That membership is $100 for riders 18-under, or $200 for riders 19-over. We will figure $100, since you are taking care of the registration for your child. You must have a USA Cycling membership number in order to complete your online registration at USA BMX (so we recommend you don’t run it right down to the deadline).

(Select the “International” membership —> BMX Racing —> “Challenge”).

*NOTE: UCI doesn’t have pro and amateur like USA BMX. Instead, it is “Championship” (Junior Elite, Elite and Masters) and “Challenge” (all others). So, technically, you are racing the “2017 UCI BMX World Challenge,” and the Elites are racing the World Championships. Generically, however, the whole event is referred to— even by UCI— as the UCI BMX World Championships.

OK, back to the question at hand.

The entry fee for one bike is $350. That is paid to USA BMX, via, and covers your registration fee, one Team USA Jersey and various support services at the race (outlined below).

If you want your name on the back of the jersey, add $15. You can also have a sponsor logo on the front (4” tall by 12” wide). Add another $15 if you want that (and have the artwork ready when you go to sign up, because there are no changes permitted once you submit).

So far, we’re at “approximately” $480 (if you want the name and sponsor logos).

You can get an extra Team USA jersey for $50 (plus name and logos, if you want them). $50-$80 total. Now, you’re at $560.

Add a second bike, if you choose, for another $350. You will get a second jersey as part of that entry fee, thus no need to buy a second one.

So, on the low side (one bike, no add-ons, for a rider 18-under), you’re at $450 for one bike. On the high side, an over-18 rider would be at approximately $960 for two bikes, with add-ons for two jerseys.

That is the REGISTRATION portion. Also be sure to budget-in funds for spectator tickets. These are not included in your registration, and any non-riders must buy a ticket in order to be admitted into the event. Tickets will cost $12.50 for a day pass, or $50 for the full five-day event (if purchased before the event).

Your $350 per-bike registration includes:
UCI Registration Fee
Team USA Jersey
On-Site Support (coach for every age class)
Athletic trainer and medical staff
Team Mechanic
Water/Sports drinks and “race-oriented” snacks

DOES NOT INCLUDE: USA Cycling Membership (+$100 or +$200)

What if I Didn’t Qualify?
If you did not qualify via one of the four qualifying races, you can file a “discretionary petition” and plead your case on why you should be allowed to race. If there is room in your class (32 US riders are allowed in each class, since we are the host country), your chances are good (but not guaranteed).

Important Dates
April 28 – Deadline to submit discretionary petitions
May 12 – Registration deadline for qualified riders
May 19 – List of “Approved” Discretionary Petitioners Released
May 26 – Reg Deadline for Approved Discretionary Petitioners


USA BMX 2017 World Championships Info Page