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In the J&R Product Spotlight: Bell Sanction Helmet

With 2017 began “The Age of the Beginner” in BMX Racing—a new era, where a flood of new riders will be entering the sport, whether signing up for a local BMX Racing League program, or diving into the Novice class straightaway. One thing almost every beginner needs is a sturdy and well-fitting helmet.

Unfortunately, most beginners come to the track with helmets that they use for riding on the street (that is to say: open face). Well, even though USA BMX rules permit open face helmets, most tracks strongly discourage the use of them, unless a cosmetic dentist and plastic surgeon are in the immediate family.

The Sanction Helmet by Bell is the answer. A bicycle-certified skid lid that looks bad-to-the-bone in black and hi-viz yellow, the Sanction Helmet puts hard plastic between you and the hard knocks of the BMX track.

15 vents make sure you keep a cool head, while those all around you blow their gate start, or blow up in the rhythm section.

Three sizes (Small-Large) give the best range of fit and comfort.

As noted above, we like the Black, because it’s stealthy, but the Sanction Helmet actually comes in five colorways (see link below).

The price is right, too, with a retail of only $74.95 at J&R. But wait, there’s more! Use coupon code JRSPOT15 at checkout and save 15% on all non-sale items in your cart. The minimum purchase to get the discount is $75, so add an Echo Product Helmet Strap Quick Release to your order to meet the discount – link below. These are PERFECT for beginners as well, since they just clip in and out instead of trying to get the D-Ring down.

Echo Helmet Strap Quick Release

Fun times at the track start with keeping the seeds in your melon. The Bell Sanction Helmet can help with that.


Bell Sanction Helmet on J&R Bicycles

Echo Products Helmet Quick Release on J&R Bicycles

Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off your order of $75 or more at checkout

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