Video Tour: Berm Academy Rig

February 15, 2017 by  

Berm Academy Video Tour

We have been following the progress of Jason Carnes and Berm Academy since the very-first nuggets of the idea were made public, right around Grands 2016. In Tulsa JC gave us a personal walk-through of the rig, which has since undergone more upgrades and creature comfort additions, as the first tour of the year was about to get underway.

Two weeks ago (or so), Jason picked up the first three Berm Academy travelers to enjoy a week of hitting up all the hotspots So. Cal has to offer. Hollywood, the Beaches, Troy Lee Designs HQ, the Oakley compound, plenty of riding, and more were all on the list.

In with all that fun-havin, Carnes found time to get this video tour produced, showing the rig on the road, and the kind of accommodations you’ll be rollin in if you decide to join up for one of the 13 tours left in 2017.

The rig and current crop of campers will be setting down stakes (and steaks) at the USA BMX Winter Nationals this week, then will roll up the pit, and rail it East on I-one-oh (Interstate 10, for those of you without a CB handle). Destination: Oldsmar, Fl and the USA BMX Gator Nationals

Stop by and say howdy to Jason if you’re out in PHX, and hit up their website (link below) for info on the upcoming tours.

There are no memories like BMX tour memories. Here’s a great segment from the BMX Documentary “How We Roll” on the Schwinn 1978-1979 tour. Big Daddy, Eric Rupe talks about it at the 4:03 mark, but watch the whole thing for some great vintage race shots. Carnes is bringing back, and plussing-up, the tour experience that the pioneers had. No “Ludlow Triangle” for this rig.

—Mike Carruth


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