Podcast: Dr. JRich and Arielle Martin

February 28, 2017 by  

Gold Medal Mindset Podcast: Arielle Martin

We have only caught one or two episodes of Dr. Jason Richardson’s “Gold Medal Mindset” podcast so far, but we have a bunch of them queued up for the 17-hour drive back from Oldsmar that starts in the wee-hours of Tuesday morn.

But this one was too good to wait. Two great BMXers, talking the “higher level” that professional athletes–or any “top performer,” really must achieve in order to succeed at the goal right in front of them.

Arielle said via Social Media:

Podcasting with the good doctor. I used to think that my purpose in life was to use my gift on a bike to inspire people with the medals I won, now I think that purpose is to hopefully inspire people with my story of the medals I didn’t win and why I believe I’m a better person through the lessons I learned and the choices I made. Click the page below to listen, or if you’re an iTunes podcast subscriber like I am check it out in the podcast app under Gold Medal Mindset.

We listened to the full episode on Monday while finishing the Oldsmar photo edits, and enjoying some time poolside here in F-L-A. BMX News reported many of the milestones Arielle talked about in the interview, and it was all-the-more exciting to hear the backstory to all of it.

Listen now:

We are definitely looking forward to seeing Arielle out at the races this year–both holding the lead on the track and holding the seatpost and water bottle at the finish line for her athletes. And we have to give the podcast props to Dr. JRich on a solid show that delivers some great information.

—Mike Carruth