Go Ballistic This Season

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EVS G6 Ballistic Jersey

When someone goes “ballistic” we usually think of that as a bad thing—someone comes unglued; goes off, without containment. Well, for 2017, we suggest you go ballistic in a whole-other way.

The G6 Ballistic Jersey, by EVS offers supreme protection from biffs, diggers, and tank-slappers dealt-out by the most abusive “braaaap”ers.

If you ever took a bar end to the gut, or ground your shoulder into the asphalt after trading paint with your arch-nemesis, you’ll know the pain that can be prevented by getting one of these bad boys in your cart, right now.

In stock, and available from J&R in five sizes (Adult Small – Adult 2X, with sizes up to 4x available by custom order), the G6 fits right in with your neck brace, and can fit comfortably under your jersey or AS your tough outer shell.

As the top layer, it gives a “Batman goes moto” vibe and shows you’re serious about going fast AND getting home without a scratch.

Some other points we found on the G6

*Full torso and elbow protection
*Hard plastic chest, back, arm and shoulder protection
*Innovative frontal-impact absorption panels
*Full articulating spine protection that moves with you
*High-style upper arm brush guards
*Lightweight, cool fabric with stretch panels
*Neck brace compatible
*Built in kidney belt for added lower torso protection
*Thumb hold to keep sleeves and elbow pads in place

Here’s the back view your comp will be seeing.

EVS G6 Ballistic Jersey Back View

You may think the G6 is overkill for BMX, but those who ride usually decide that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Your Monday morning alarm is coming, one way or the other–whether work or school.

Click the link below to for more specs and ordering info.

Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off (brings the $184.95 retail down to $158, just for NEWS readers).


G6 Ballistic Jersey by EVS Sports

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