Black Mountain Opens Warm-Up Area

February 13, 2017 by  

Black Mountain BMX Warm Up Area

If you have been to the Winter Nationals in years past, you know that the area in which the track is located is kind of a special place. On one side of the track, you have…well…Black Mountain, an actual land form that is also an active mine. Across the street, you have open range land with Saguaro cactus, and tumblin’ tumbleweeds, straight out of a spaghetti western movie.

Between the two, you have Alameda street, which is the sole access road to the track. As you drive that road, day or night, you see long seatpost types warming up or cooling down.

It would make a challenging video game, because at any second, any given rider can and will abruptly pull a 180 and head back from whence they came—without looking or taking any precaution, of course. Oh, and usually wearing over-ear headphones.

This year, the scene will need to be different, due to some new “not-up-for-discussion” rules set down by the neighbors. Black Mountain has addressed the concerns of both riders and neighbors by creating a dedicated warmup/cooldown area.

Here’s what Black Mountain told BMX News about the situation.

Later this week, BMXers from around the world will be pouring into the infamous Black Mountain BMX speedway, for the USA BMX season pro opener. The Winter Nationals have been a staple race, on the national circuit, for years and a favorite to most riders.

What a lot of riders don’t know is that a few years ago, located a few blocks south of Black Mountain, a waste management dump site had reached full capacity. A new location was made east of Black Mountain. While it has no affected the racing at Black Mountain it has presented an issue this year.

The road, Alameda, that leads to Black Mountain BMX, also leads to the new dump site. This road is privately owned by the construction company known as Knuckle Brothers.

With that, they are responsible for any accidents on this road. Knuckle Brothers has given Black Mountain explicit instructions that there will be no “warming up” or riding of any bicycles on their road.

This includes practice night, local race nights and especially during the Winter Nationals. If any riders are caught on this road Knuckle Brothers can close down Black Mountain, not only for the National race but also for good.

Knuckle Brothers has been a friend to Black Mountain for some years now. Lending construction equipment for rebuilds and maintenance on the track.

Recently they helped grade and pack a fenced in “Warm up” area located in the parking lot. The crew at Black Mountain strongly advises the use of the new warm up area along with rollers when available. This no ride policy will be strictly enforced by not only the Black Mountain crew but also the officials at USABMX.

Along with Knuckle Brothers there is another issue that riders, and especially parents, need to be made aware of. As most attendees already know the mountain just south of Black Mountain is being mined.

This has resulted in massive piles of different rock. Recently during the Arizona state qualifier at Black Mountain, un known to us, a few attendees made their way back there.

In the past one or two kids would go climb the mountain and have fun. But since the mountain is an active mine, it is very unsafe.

Climbing on the rock piles can cause an avalanche and the results could be something no one wants. This area is extremely off limits. The mine will be taking precautions and posting a guard for the weekend.

On behalf of Black Mountain BMX, its crew and all the riders we thank everyone for your understanding in this situation. Also a huge shout out to Knuckle Brothers construction for the continued support of Black Mountain BMX.

Safe travels to all who are attending. We look forward to seeing all of you for an awesome weekend of competition.

Good to know going in how things will be set up, so a big thanks to the Black Mountain crew for filling us in.

—Mike Carruth