2017 Pro Opener

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2017 USA BMX Pro Opener**Updated with Sunday Vids**
The 2017 Pro Opener whipped into Phoenix, AZ Friday for the USA BMX Winter Nationals. Day one had 25 Elite Women and 40 Elite Men on the sheets from all over the world. A great showing, with tons of incredible race action.

The deck was tossed in the air more than once, with inopportune wrecks or going off-the-pace throughout the motos, and into the mains. It’s always-awesome watching the best in our sport ply their trade.

Here are both Elite class main events, via USA BMX.

Friday’s Elite Women Main Event

Brooke Crain – Haro
Rachel Mydock – Supercross BMX
Lauren Reynolds – Answer/Rennen

Friday’s Elite Men Main Event

Twan van Gendt – Dutch National Team
Trent Jones – Box Components
Joris Daudet – Chase BMX


The forecast foretold a miserable Saturday for the Phoenix area, with the echo of California’s “epic rain event” heading Northeast. And, for once, the weathermen were pretty on-point.

Volunteers were ready with what penciled-out to be about 20,000 square feet of roll plastic to cover the track. It sprinkled, rained and poured throughout the day, with breaks in the skyfall and even some shadow-throwing brightness at times.

But mud races are never a fun time, and the social media posts had a heavy helping of hatin life. To some we were texting back & forth with, the day could not be over soon enough. Main events ended up at 8:20PM, which is about on-par with a regular Saturday last gate at the Winter Nats.

But, the pros were true-pros and raced, regardless of the rain. Here are the two Elite main events from Saturday:

Saturday’s Elite Women Main Event

Brooke Crain – Haro
Camille Maire – France
Sophia Foresta – GT Bicycles

Saturday’s Elite Men Main Event

Anthony Dean – Supercross BMX/TLD
Joris Daudet – Chase BMX
Dave van der Burg – Dutch National Team

Got to give a shout out to Anthony Dean for closing the deal that slipped through his grasp on Friday. Also to Sophia Foresta for hitting the podium on her first pro weekend. The “stick to your line” award goes to Joris for that last turn tango with Torres, and of course Brooke Crain for putting up double-aces on the weekend.

News doesn’t generally shoot in the rain, so we pulled the plug on this trip Thursday morning, but that only means the gear is clean, packed and ready to set sail for Oldsmar, the first stop on the 2017 USA BMX North American Supercross Series. Gonna be a great weekend, so ride along with us!

—Mike Carruth

We appreciate the ability to lean on our BMX Media brethren, Jerry Landrum (for the top shot) and USA BMX for the Winter Nats vids. Thanks guys!