Bay Area BMXers Sign With Supercross

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Bay Area BMXers Sign With Supercross

Howard Cato and the Bay Area BMXers team have made some impressive moves, both on and off the track in recent years. In fact, one of the fan-fave episodes of the Announcers Tower podcast was with Howard and some of his crew, doing an intro to BMX event at a youth detention facility in Nor-Cal (link below).

For 2017, the 20-rider squad is plus-one, with the addition of 13G Grace Padilla, and also aboard a new frame sponsor, with Smilin Bill Ryan and Supercross BMX.

Here’s what the guys told News in a statement.

I want to give a big thanks to Bill Ryan at Supercross for the opportunity for Bay Area BMXers to be Co-Sponsored by his elite brand for 2017. I’m looking forward to a super year with our team and our new sponsors!

—Howard Cato

The Bay Area BMX team has made quite a bit of noise on the National scene and we are proud to be supporting them in their pursuit of the National #1 Bike Shop team. We know that between Bay Area BMX and Eric at Northwest BMX, you will be seeing many more Supercross’ leading the pack in Nor Cal and the Great Northwest.

—Bill Ryan

Two great guys, with eyes on the prize! Here’s how the roster looks for 2017:

Bay Area BMXers / Supercross BMX
2017 Team Roster

Brandon Cato – Elite Men

Maxwell Mitchell 8X

Michael Mitchell 9X

Andrew Trejo 10X

Dom Duran 10X

Coby Witten 13X

Jacob Allen 14X

Kenny Cross 17-18X

Donnie Gomez 19-27X

Andre Norles 19-27X

Lloyd Sherrod 28-35X

Jeff Anna 41-45X

Daniel Mendieta 41-45X

Brian Simmons 46-over X

Howard Cato 46-over X

Corey Mitchell 36-40C

Eleanor Phillips 8G

Stella Sunseri 10G

Grace Padilla 13G (new for 2017)

Patty Metzger 46-50WC

All will be all tearing up the track on their Speedline-equipped Supercross ENVY race rides.

Keep an eye out for them on their first trip out, next week in Las Vegas.

—Mike Carruth


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