Throdwn Adds Aluminum and a Heavy-Hitter Team

December 5, 2016 by  

Throdwn Aluminum Frame and Factory Team

Earlier this year, Wisconsin-based BMX startup, Throdwn, launched a fresh line of titanium BMX Racing frames and cranks. The line is sold exclusively through Dan’s Comp, and if you were walking the pits at the Grands, you would have seen more than a few heading to staging. After the race, News caught up with Throdwn honcho, Charlie Jahnke, to hear more about the new steed. He also dropped a hefty scoop on us, with news that Jim Buchanan’s star-studded team would be suiting up in the Throdwn colors for the new season.

Here’s what he told us:

Throughout Grands weekend, visitors to the Throdwn pit got a first-look at our new aluminum frame. Now, we’re stoked to show it off to BMX News readers.

Available in 13 sizes (listed below), Throdwn’s proprietary tubing set is meticulously prepared, fabricated and finished by Yess BMX in Canada, a shop known the world-over for quality and consistency.

Our aluminum line is offered in three matte finishes, black, white and gray, with eight color-complimenting decal choices to set the vibe just the way you like it.

Available in January through Dan’s Comp, Throdwn will be THE frame to beat in 2017. And that ain’t just talk…


A legit product needs a legit team backing up on raceday what the marketing guys say during the week. Throdwn is honored to announce that Jim Buchanan and his team of 20 stars will be the brand-new Throdwn Factory Team.

Nolan Colborn 11x
Lucas Zimmermann 11x
Tommy Jahnke 12x
Brody Cole 13x
Dylan Wood 14x
Mckenzie Gayheart 15-16g
Carson Leet 15x
Hayden Robinson 16x
Kate Deters 17-20g
Bryce Batten 17-18x
Reece Rankins 17-18x
Nick Deters 19-27x
Justin Richmond 19-27x
Ryan Zinzow 19-27x
Adrian Sanders 17-20g
Matt Wilcox 28-35x
Tina Gillis 46-50g
Hayden Fletcher A-Pro
Jamie Windholz Elite Women
Tyler Whitfield Elite Men
Cristian Becerine Vet Pro
Thor Buchanan Assistant Team Manager
Jim Buchanan Team Manager

Watch for the team to make its debut at the 2017 USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals in Las Vegas, January 13-15.

The full geometry table for the aluminum frames will be posted on within a few weeks, so check back often. All specs for our titanium frames and cranks are posted now.

Throdwn Aluminum Frame Sizes
Micro, Mini, Junior, Expert, Expert XL, Pro, Pro XL, Pro XXL, Pro XXXL, Mini 24, Expert 24, Pro 24, Pro XL 24

Pictured above (L to R): Jim Buchanan and Charlie Jahnke of Throdwn, and Renny Husada of Yess BMX

Congrats to Charlie, Jim and the whole team on the big news. We are anxious to snap the first-photos of the new kit and bike at next month’s Silver Dollar Nats in Vegas.


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