Raul Gomez Goes “EPiK” for 2017

December 11, 2016 by  

Raul Gomez EPiK Carbon

At whatever race we find ourselves, year in and year out, one guy we always keep a special eye out for in the viewfinder is Raul Gomez. He spends a lot of time in the front of the pack, and is a fierce competitor in 41-45 expert and cruiser—but also a guy who could wreck with someone, and offer them a hand to help them up.

As the 2017 teams get settled into place, Raul is changing colors, moving on from the Full Tilt team, and joining up with a Florida brand that he has had close ties with for the last three years or so.

EPiK Carbon markets a line of carbon fiber rims, in both 20” and 24” sizes (and an 18″ model for the park peeps). We find them out there on the bikes of many-a-rider, and all reports are good on their quality and performance. And, there’s no denying the factory flav some carbon rims bestow on your scoot.

Here’s what co-owner, Kevin Koch said of having Raul in the EPiK jersey for 2017, as well as some other news on their Factory Team roster:

We are honored, ecstatic and super-pumped to have Raul join the factory team. While Raul has been supporting our products for over three years, his decision to join the team brings excitement and enthusiasm for the 2017 season.

We have had great success with our grassroots program, and have now decided to field a factory team.

Look for our other factory riders at your next local or national event to see more of our products. Giovanni Spado, Garett Dew, Jacob Jones, TJ Koch, Jack Donnelly, Jason Donnelly, Dylan Simms, Dee Escobar and Garret May.

The 2017 season is going to be Epik.

Sounds like a solid squad, and with Raul as the senior member, all the riders will have a great role model to look to for how to rock the factory jersey with professionalism. Congrats to Raul and EPiK on taking their partnership to a new level.

—Mike Carruth


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