Letter: Did Felicia Stancil Quit Racing?

December 20, 2016 by  

Did Felicia Stancil Quit Racing?
We are big Felicia Stancil fans in our house. My daughter really looks up to her and runs to the fence when the girl pros are on the gate to see her race. We didn’t see her this year, not even at Grands. Did she quit racing?

The “B” family, Midwest

Thanks for your letter, B family! We are “big Felicia fans” ourselves, and this is a question we have been asking around the office, ourselves, the past few months, after Lake Perris, and leading up to the Grands. So, we texted her recently to ask the question “Did Felicia quit racing?”

Here’s what she said:

Definitely not! I had an issue with my thyroid not producing enough of its hormone.

I had to take medicine to get my thyroid to function normally again. The doctor told me it will take 6-9 months from when I started the medicine for my body to produce the hormone naturally, which is about now! I will race next year.

Collegiate BMX Nationals March 10-12 (With the Cajun Nationals in Monroe,LA) will most likely be my first race back.


So, there it is! Definitely looking forward to seeing #23 back in the lead, and in our viewfinder in the new year.

Photo: Felicia at Chula Vista BMX, via Facebook, photographer unknown.


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