Haro/Promax 2017 Team Update

December 19, 2016 by  

2017 Haro Promax Team Update

One of the most formidable teams on the USA BMX National Circuit is back for 2017 with a 29-rider roster. The Promax brand was recently sold by Toby Henderson’s Cycle Group, Inc. to a new owner–mega distributor, Quality Bicycle Products (QBP)– but the team will continue to fly the Promax flag into the new administration.

Team owner, Donavon Long gave News a little lookback on 2016 and some thoughts on the rosy road ahead for 2017:

The 2016 season has come to an end, with the team putting up a hard fought battle all year against the outstanding Answer/Rennen team.

Haro/Promax finished second this year, after having a few crashes in the final main events at the Grands. Once the dust settled from the weekend and everything was cleaned up, the road trip back home was a long one.

One part of running a Factory Team is dealing with the coming and going of riders. The true test for any team is to continue to move forward after riders move on, and this year will be no different, as Ronnie Kim, Jesse Welch, and Kevin Pauls all have gone in different directions for 2017. The team is a part of our family and these riders will always be a part of our BMX family. Traci and I are very sad to see these riders leave but we are also very excited for each of them as they start a new chapter in their BMX career.

We are very excited for the 2017 team season, and we have many new faces joining the team. One of the things we like to do is to give riders a chance who might not have been on top of the podium as much as others.

The team will be stronger then ever and we will continue to fight for that ninth Factory Team cup in 2017…so look for some up and coming faces wearing the notorious yellow and black Haro/Promax factory gear.


Reid Porter – 8x*
Jason Linville – 10x*
Connor Eaton – 10x
Jake Goodwin – 12x
Ryan Goodwin – 13x
Jacob Trujillo – 13x*
Samuel Nichols – 14x*
Justin Houldson – 14x*
Leo Hile – 15x
Gavin Freewalt – 15x
Braxton Elsen – 16x*
Victor Silva – 18x*
Sully Finch – 18x
Tyler Smith – 23x
Dylon Vaughn – 24x
Chad Street – 41x
Eric Sweets – 46x
Cameron Moore – A-Pro
Andrew Townsend – A Pro
Robert Pierce – Vet Pro

Taylor Rungaitis – 9g
Avery Cartrand – 10g*
Brooke Craft – 13g
Madelynn DeSantis – 14g
Addison Finch – 16g
Shayla Blackmore – 19g
Kristen Long – Elite Women
Alaina Henderson – Elite Women*
Zoe Fleming – Elite Women

*New for 2017

Regarding the 2017 uniform (pictured above, in a rendering), Donavon tells us the yellow kit will be run for all non-elite races, and the black will be run on Elite race weekends.

There’s no question that the Haro/Promax squad is one of the top teams in BMX…and it looks like 2017 will be a great time for all under the tent.

And congrats to Kristen Long on her decision to turn pro in the new year. We didn’t miss that little detail from the roster. Cameron Moore announced his upgrade to A-Pro early last week on social media.

—Mike Carruth