2017 Team Changes 2017 Team Changes
With the start of the 2017 national season two weeks away, the team changes are flowing in to the BMX News Global Command Center. In this update, we have additions to six teams, including a special scoop to close ...   Read More →
Posted On: December 30, 2016
2017 USA BMX Rule Changes 2017 USA BMX Rule Changes
The USA BMX rulebook is the most mature set of BMX Racing rules in the world. The United States and Canada runs the most BMX events each year, with participation by the world’s largest rider base (some of whom have some very definite opinions on things, and share them openly and reliably).    Read More →
Posted On: December 27, 2016
Two Gol-den Rings! Two Gol-den Rings!
Just when you thought Christmas was over, nope…it is actually the START of the 12 Days of Christmas (we always thought Christmas Day with the “main event”). As y’all know, day five is dedicated to “Five golden rings,” in the ...   Read More →
Posted On: December 26, 2016
2017 Strider Cup Schedule 2017 Strider Cup Schedule
For the past several years, BMX News has reported the progress Strider Sports is making on their Strider Cup race series. We last reported the action from the Strider World Championships in San Francisco last July (link below). Well, the Strider Cup series is back for 2017    Read More →
Posted On: December 21, 2016
Letter: Did Felicia Stancil Quit Racing? Letter: Did Felicia Stancil Quit Racing?
We are big Felicia Stancil fans in our house. My daughter really looks up to her and runs to the fence when the girl pros are on the gate to see her race. We didn’t see her this ...   Read More →
Posted On: December 20, 2016
Rift/Tangent Will Field Two Teams in 17 Rift/Tangent Will Field Two Teams in 17
Rich Pelton and TJ Johnson are stepping-up their team efforts for 2017. Through the new Rockstar/Rift Factory Team, we welcome Rockstar Energy back to BMX Racing (they never really left, supporting Brooke Crain and David Herman as individual athletes—but on the team support side    Read More →
Posted On: December 20, 2016
Haro/Promax 2017 Team Update Haro/Promax 2017 Team Update
One of the most formidable teams on the USA BMX National Circuit is back for 2017 with a 29-rider roster. The Promax brand was recently sold by Toby Henderson’s Cycle Group, Inc. to a new owner--mega distributor, Quality Bicycle Products (QBP)-- but the team will continue to fly    Read More →
Posted On: December 19, 2016
Jesse Welch Joins Throdwn Jesse Welch Joins Throdwn
Earlier this week, BMX News reported on eight additions to the newly-minted Throdwn Factory Team. In that piece, we promised a final big announcement by the end of the week. Well, today’s the day! Fresh off ...   Read More →
Posted On: December 15, 2016
Win A $1000 Chase Element at Win A $1000 Chase Element at
Back on February 10, BMX News broke a story about the Chase BMX Pro Team picking up a sponsorship from e-commerce platform, Linktops (link below). Word on the inside is that the partnership has been going very ...   Read More →
Posted On: December 13, 2016
Kevin Pauls Joins Factory Supercross Kevin Pauls Joins Factory Supercross
Last weekend, Kevin Pauls wrote a Facebook post bidding a fond farewell to his time on Haro Promax. Kevin signed off his post by saying “As I begin the next chapter of my racing career, I am ...   Read More →
Posted On: December 13, 2016