Video: Dan’s Comp on BMX Tires

October 28, 2016 by  

Dan's Comp on BMX Tires
The master BMX technicians at Dan’s Comp are out this week with a video that rolls out, in full measure, the various types of BMX tires and some of the granular details on how tire size and even inflation may impact your race ride.

The video gets serious traction on some of the questions you have always had on the business end between your bike and the track.

Here’s what the Dan’s dudes said about the vid in the description:

Tires are one of the most important, and yet often overlooked components on your BMX bike. From the rubber compound to the tread pattern, size and pressure, tires play an important role in how your bike handles and feels. In our latest “Get Tech” series, the guys at Dan’s Comp give you a down and dirty explanation of tires and what to consider when choosing what works best for you.

And see, you never thought you’d need to use pi in your everyday life (3.14159265359, by the way).

So take a second look at the vid and evaluate those tired tires on your ride.


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