Podcast: Logan Collins on the LCQ and What’s Next

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Logan Collins at the 2016 US Olympic BMX Trials LCQ
Late last year, Logan Collins made the commitment to climb the Mount Everest of BMX Racing—a run toward qualifying for the US Olympic BMX Team, headed to Rio this August. It was a decision that took him, first, to Sweden for his very-first World Cup race, and set the table for the 2016 season, where the qualifying calendar would pick up pace quickly, leading Logan to one of many opportunities to make the team.

As we have discussed on News for a while now, the “many opportunities” included 1). Topping the USA Cycling “Power Rankings” points after the World Championships; 2). Winning the US Olympic BMX Trials on June 11; or getting the nod from the nine-member Selection Committee to earn a spot on the team. See what we mean about the “climbing Mt. Everest” reference?

Logan did not top the Power Rankings and was not named to the seven-person Trials team—but he DID have one final shot at racing the Olympic Trials: winning the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ), held the day before the trials. With a win in that race, against a field of 15 other hard-chargers, he would be in the final gate of eight at the Trials, and then it was his to win or lose.

On LCQ day, things were going great for Logan—he was racing for the first time since a bad wreck in Colorado at the end of April, but came out takin care of business, with a 2-1-1 in the qualifying motos. He had first gate pick in the main, chose lane 1, and got his best start and first straight of the day.

But then, disaster struck. Whether it was too much backside into turn one, or the raw adrenaline horsepower that could not be held back, he over-cooked it a bit into the turn, his back wheel broke loose and spun him sideways, to be broadsided by the four other big dawgs behind him.

Being SO close to qualifying into the Trials, only to have fate step in was obviously a big disappointment for Logan, yet when we saw him after the race he was cool-as-ever.

We wanted to get the story of the past nine months, the LCQ in particular, from the man, himself, and were stoked to welcome him on the Announcers Tower Podcast for the first time.

Logan Collins
Give it a listen; it’s a great story.

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Logan’s the kind of guy who doesn’t seek the spotlight, and many of us—even those who follow the pros’ every move— don’t know much about him, but what we do know is that he is one of the good guys, for sure, and we meant what we said about having him on the show again soon for a more “lifestyle” type of discussion.

—Mike Carruth


2016 US Olympic BMX Trials Last Chance Qualifier Recap

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