Donavon Long Goes Full Time on Master Timers

May 12, 2016 by  

Donavon Long Full-Time on Master Timers

Donavon Long checked in with News today to let us know he is moving to full-time development of his line of BMX training timers (Master Timers) and, of course, managing the Haro/Promax team.

This means he is moving on from his position as BMX coordinator for the City of Oldsmar.

Donavon told us:

I was looking to do more on the development of Master Timers, and there came a time when there was a difference of opinion on some points relating to my vision for the position I was in.

I remain a big supporter of Oldsmar BMX, and would like to thank the city for the opportunity. I wish them the best in building the program; it is an incredible facility.

Big D has been working on Master Timers for more than a year now, getting things dialed-in and perfected. He tells us they’re close…very close, and the timeline can be accelerated now due to his full-time attention. We are anxiously awaiting the time when we can give them a first-test.

Aside from that, he will be touching down at Rum River BMX on June 4-5 for two-days of clinics. If you’re in the Midwest you’ll want to mosey on up there,

Watch for more in the coming weeks, right here on News.

Top Photo: Donavon and his daughter Kristen at the 2015 USA BMX Gator Nationals.