Yess Belt Drive Cruiser Ready For Duty

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Yess Carbon Drive Cruiser

One of our top stories of 2015 was the “World Exclusive” we posted on the Yess BMX belt drive BMX race bike, powered by the Gates Carbon Drive system. The project made it through rigorous testing and even some real-deal race laps before Yess BMX president Bill Husada pronounced it ready for customer orders. That was a little before the 2015 Grands, and orders have been coming in at a pace about to be expected for a new-tech product like this one. Lots of folks weren’t sure ’bout this “Internet fad,” until they were.

Once the 20-inch was set up smooth and solid, and with some “here’s my credit card as a deposit” interest at the Grands for a cruiser version powered by the Gates Carbon Drive, Bill and Renny have sent BMX News this first look at the first complete build to come off the proverbial line.

For the two-four, Bill and Renny hand-picked a parts package that includes mostly BOX Components, but brings in the specially-fitted-for-Carbon-Drive Onyx rear hub (with matching front), and Arisun tires.

Yess BMX Belt Drive Cruiser Complete
Frame: Yess Type X – Beltdrive
Fork: 24″ Box X^2 20mm
Headset: Box Glide Carbon Headset
Bars: Box Maximus 5.5in
Stem: Box Delta 53mm
Spacers: Box 1-1/8
Seat: Box Echelon race Saddle
Seat Clamp: Yess 31.8mm Quick Release
Bottom Bracket: Box Extremum
Cranks: Box Vector
Brake Lever: Box
Grips: Yess Maxx Lock-on Grips
Rims: Box Focus Rims
Hubs: Onyx SS 36hole 10mm
Tires: Arisun XLR8
Brake: Avid rear disc brake system

Yess Carbon Drive Cruiser
Gates Carbon Drive Components
Front Gear: 50-tooth Gates Carbon Drive System Ring (Aluminum)
Belt: 108-tooth Gates Carbon Drive
Rear Cog: 22-tooth Gates Carbon Drive System Pulley (Aluminum)
Gear Ratio: 1 : 2.27 equivalent to 41/18

Complete Price: $2900, includes a $200 discount until May 1.

Bill and Renny have also put together a complete version of the 20-inch model, built up with their SEI build kit. Here are the specs on that:

SEI-Yess BMX Belt Drive 20″ Complete

Yess Carbon Drive with SEI partsFrame: Yess Type X – Belt Drive
Fork: SEI 20″ Cro-mo 10mm race equipped
Headset: Integrated sealed angular bearing 1-1/8 race
Bars: SEI 8″ 2degree rise, 10degree back
Stem: SEI Forged 53mm Aluminum
Spacers: Black 3 pc 1-1/8 Steer tube Alloy Spacers
Seat: SEI 1 pc 27.2mm lightweight padded Alloy post/Seat Combo
Seat Clamp: SEI 31.8mm Quick Release Clamp
Bottom Bracket: SEI sealed bearing out board threaded BB
Cranks: SEI 2 pc. Forged 4-bolt 175mm Crankset
Brake Lever: SEI Alloy Brake Lever
Grips: SEI 130mm Lock-on Grips
Rims: SEI 20×1.75 Alexrim
Hubs: SEI 36hole 102pt Cassette Hub w/ 10mm Axles
Tires: 20×1.75 Arisun XLR8 Race tires
Brake: SEI V-Brakes

Gates Carbon Drive Components
Front Gear: 55-tooth Gates Carbon Drive Ring (Aluminum)
Belt: 108-tooth Gates Carbon Drive
Rear Cog: 20-tooth Gates Carbon Drive Pulley (Aluminum)
Gear Ratio: Equivalent to 44/16

Complete Price: $1450.00, includes a $200 discount until May 1.

As a closing to our discussion, Bill told News:

Bill and Renny Husada of Yess BMX

Bill and Renny Husada of Yess with Yess Factory rider Christina Cunningham after her Saturday win at the 2016 Great Northwest Nationals.

I have been in the metals industry is more than 50 years, and in the bike industry for 28 years. In that time, there have been a lot of changes in consumer tastes.

The Gates Carbon Drive for BMX is here now–and is no longer a “future” product. It has been tested, perfected, and proven as a viable technology for high-performance BMX Racing.

Many manufacturers design new shapes and sizes of frames, design new decals, and spray-on some new paint, but all these cosmetic changes are done in the hopes that consumers won’t get bored with the same-old products being offered.

Belt drive provides light weight, and excellent power-transfer. The belt, cog and front sprocket (called a “pulley” in belt-drive speak) is about half of the weight of a conventional setup. The belts don’t stretch, don’t need lubrication, and the pulleys maintain perfect-pitch profile.

After 28 years of seeing the “latest and greatest” thing, this application has me very excited and confident we are bringing something truly new to the BMX market.

We’re stoked that Bill’s stoked, and think you’ll be stoked too–so get on the horn and engage the Warp Carbon Drive today. For more information, or to place your order, email Renny Husada (

—Mike Carruth


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