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BMX News Recap Podcast - Manchester SX

In the hours following Sunday’s Manchester SX, BMX News posted a brief recap of the race, along with videos of the main event laps and the full webcast…but we really wanted to get an up-close-and-personal account of the Team USA angle of the race. So, we invited the three top USA finishers from the race, long-time friends of News Brooke Crain, Nic Long and Alise Post.

Alise started the weekend out strong, with a Saturday win in the time trial Superfinal (the first of her career). She looked razor-sharp throughout Sunday’s racing, until misfortune visited her in the final feet of the main event, and let a coming-on-strong Caroline Buchanan slip by for the win. The rejiggering of the lead also gave Brooke the opportunity to race in for third place, and join Caroline and Simone Christensen on the podium.

For her part, Brooke had a week that is a story worth hearing as well, contracting Avian Flu, which is common in the UK, the week leading into the race. Through strict determination and the help of USA Cycling support personnel, plus her teammate Nic Long’s help and encouragement, she made it back to be strong enough to race. In this podcast, Brooke takes us through how she made that remarkable recovery and qualified-through to the main event.

Nic went 3-2-2 in the motos, won his quarterfinal, and took second in the semi, to fellow Team USA star Corben Sharrah. Nic started in lane two in the main event, with Corben in lane one, and hit turn one in fourth place, with eventual podium trio Liam Phillips, Kyle Evans and Renaud Blanc up front. Nic finished fourth.

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We will pick it up from there with our show, the 122nd episode of the BMX News Announcers Tower Podcast.

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Editor’s Note: I had a great time on this show, and it was very refreshing to hear the personal stories of each guest, and their focused outlook. We look forward to seeing all three of our friends in Rock Hill next week, and BMX News will bring you three days of story and photos from the Novant Health BMX Supercross facility.

—Mike Carruth


BMX News Recap: 2016 Manchester SX

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