Recap: 2016 UCI BMX SX World Cup – Manchester

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Recap of 2016 Manchester BMX SX

Stop number two of the 2016 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup tour touched down at the National Cycling Center in Manchester, UK over the weekend. This was a skip-a-week schedule after stop number one in Argentina, and many of the hi-flyers went directly to the UK to chill a bit and prep for race day.

Once the riding got started, Team USA lost Connor Fields off the start list, to a hand injury that will require surgery to fix. News reported that on April 4. Before the first gates of qualifying motos dropped on Saturday, there were five or six other names who would not start due to practice injuries.

This kind of thing can happen at any SX race, of course, and the national federations can’t coat their athletes in bubble wrap and put them on a shelf somewhere–they need to race–but it was a real bummer to see so many names off the moto sheets come raceday.

Alise Post aced her time trial run, with only a slight overjump on the second straight. It was a clean enough lap to unseat Elke Vanhoof from the hotseat, and hold off the rest of the Superfinal startlist to give her the day one win (and the first time trial win of her career). Here’s her full lap, and post-race interview:

One of the most spectacular crashes of Time Trial day was when Jeff Upshaw made an amped-up error, and pedaled through the transition between the start ramp and the first straight.

Jeff Upshaw at the 2016 Manchester SX

Along with the above photo, Jeff said:

A bit too anxious at my first time trial run pedaled through the transition and it sent me into ninja warrior mode. But more then blessed to have walked away from this one. Hungry and ready to get back to the action tomorrow.

Tory Nyhaug–who won the Time Trial Superfinal in Argentina–also put down a near-perfect lap in Manchester, with only a sliver-slight hang in the last straight, but enough furious flow to get him the green at the finish (he didn’t have it going into the last turn). Here’s his winning run:

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Every BMX SX raceday is charged with hopes, dreams and adrenaline–and that’s just the fans. The athletes and coaches have all that too, of course, but in those circles, there is the added component of Olympic qualifying points–with only three World Cups, plus the Worlds that set the table for the race to Rio. The pressure is on in a major way to perform at the highest level possible and, of course, there can only be one winner at the end of the day.

Here is the Sunday Webcast of the Elite Men Quarterfinals through the mains, including some recap footage of the earlier moto rounds on Sunday.

If you want to cut-it-down to the final two laps, here are the two main events.
Elite Women Main Event

It was a real heart-breaker to see Alise go out like that, so close to the win. She walked her bike in for a fourth-place finish, which has some-sort of a silver-lining, but no question that is no kind of consolation for our friend.

The way was clear for her to do that walk-in finish due to the wreck in the first turn. Here’s anther angle of that brutal first-turn pileup:

Elite Men Main Event

With this win, Liam marked four in a row in Manchester. No other Elite has won a World Cup race on this track. And Caroline marked three World Cup wins on this track as well, with the Shanaze Reade getting the inaugural win on the Manchester track in 2013.

The next SX race is coming up on May 7-8 in Papendal, Netherlands. That race opens the door for the World Championships in Medellin, Colombia later in the month. Stick with BMX News for the latest leading up to Papendal, Medellin, and the big event of 2016, the Olympic Games in Rio.

Top Photo: Liam Phillips and Renaud Blanc, photo by, and courtesy of, Jerry Landrum at BMX Mania


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