Shawn DiPrete Takes Us to the Gym

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Shawn DiPrete Takes us in the Gym

Since opening DiPrete Strength & Power last year, Shawn DiPrete has been training some of the top riders in the Northeast to get strong and go long. In this week’s Training & Coaching section, we drop in on Shawn for some personal time in the gym, to give us a glimpse of the kind of exercises HE does in his personal workout, and how they might help you get some work done in the gym. We also asked him to give us a little commentary on each exercise, and what part of a BMXer’s on-the-bike game these would be good for.

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Exercise 1 is a Seated Medicine Ball Box jump. This exercise is good for building explosive leg power. I usually do 4-8 sets of 2-6 jumps.

Exercise 2 Trap Bar Deadlifts. This is a great lower body movement that helps develop strong legs and explosive hips. Its easy to teach and great for power out of the gate and first few pedals. I like to keep the reps low (2-5) for experienced lifters and 5-8 reps for newer lifters. Anywhere from 3-5 sets would be good.

Exercise 3 is “Paused” Squats. These will also build strength in the hips. I like to use a 3-5 second pause, and these will help with gate starts. I think they work great because it mirrors the “pause then explode” movement of a gate start. Low reps for these: 3-5 and 3-5 sets.

Exercise 4 is a leg press–nothing fancy here. They’re great for building leg strength, normally I would have placed a single leg movement here. I like to keep the reps from 5-10 and 2-4 sets.

Exercise 5 is a Glute Ham Raise, not everyone has access to these, so any hamstring exercise would work here. (example: Stiff leg deadlifts, Good Mornings, back raises and leg curls). These exercises are important for helping build the posterior chain (backside of body) and hip explosiveness. These are great for helping with sprints, and I recommend 3-5 sets of 5-12 reps.

A big thanks to Shawn for sharing some of his insight with us. Shawn will be back with more in a few weeks, but give a like to the DiPrete Strength and Power Facebook page for more frequent updates (link below).


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