DiPrete: Advanced Power Workout

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Shawn DiPrete Advanced Power Workout

We had great response to the Shawn DiPrete in-the-gym article we posted a couple weeks back here in the Pro Gate Training & Coaching Section. Today, Shawn’s back with an “Advanced Power Workout” that will get the fibers firing, and the burn burning. With the outdoor season about to jump off in the east-of-the-Mississippi local scene, as well as being here-to-stay in the National scene for the next eight months or so, make time to get in the gym and work in those power workouts to prime yourself up for the tough laps.

Advanced Power Workout – Details

Exercise 1 – Kneeling Jumps to Vertical Jumps w/PVC (takes the arm swing out)
3-6 sets of 2-4 reps
Trains: strength/power in the hips
Helps with: gate starts

Exercise 2 – Depth Jumps to medicine ball, Push Press for height
3-6 sets of 2-4 reps
*Tip: Don’t go too heavy on ball or too high on box
Trains: full body power
Helps with: training gates/first straights and sprinting

Exercise 3 – Dynamic Box Squats w/Chains
6-12 sets of 2-3 reps
Trains: Lower body Power/Explosivness
Helps with: Sprinting, gates and first-straight pull

Exercise 4-Banded Kettlebell Swings
3-5 sets of4-8 reps
Trains: Lower body strength/power in hips, glutes and hamstrings
Helps with: gates and sprints

We feel stronger, just having watched this, even with a five-shot latte in hand (we’re obviously not training for the on-track win like you should be). Thanks Shawn! We look forward to your next contribution.


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