Factory Yess Picking Up on Both Coasts

January 28, 2016 by  

Yess BMX Factory Team Pickups

With the 2016 racing season about to jump-off in a major way, Factory Yess is setting off the big bombs, with pickups on both coasts. News reported some of the team additions as part of our 2016 Team Changes story, but the story rolls on into late-january with three ore pickups.

Back East, Yess welcomes Luke Segal’s fast-self to the team.

On joining the team, Luke said:
I’m super stoked to begin the 2016 season by signing with the Factory Yess East Coast squad. Big thanks Renny Husada and our Team Manager Lisa Motley for the opportunity to represent the Yess brand. I’m excited to get into the pits with my teammates and load in the gate on my Yess “Type-X” frame.

Additionally, I have teamed up with Gus at Profile and will be rockin’ all Profile parts. Thanks again and looking forward to having fun on my bike in 2016.”

Factory Yess East Coast TM, Lisa Motley told News:
Luke brings 8 years of NAG plate achievements (12 plates in all), as well as his current NAG 1 and NAG 6 plates from 2015. We are eager to see Luke’s positive contributions to our team and enthusiastically welcome him and his family to our organization.”

Out west, Factory Yess was busy adding to the roster as well.

Yess BMX VP, Renny Husada told News:
I’d like to welcome the Cejalvo family to the Factory Yess team for 2016. I have been watching Diego and Violet tear it up on the track from when they first started, and we are stoked to see them both excel, and the whole familt enjoy this sport.

Editor’s note: Daddy Lee is one of our favorite BMX photographers!

Renny continued:
There is always room on the Factory Yess squad for fully-committed riders, and the Cejalvo family are absolutely-committed. The Staats team helped them get to where they are now, and the opportunity presented itself to bring them to our team for 2016.

Violet brings her Canadian National #1 Girl plate, and Diego is a strong NAG rider in both Canada and USA alike. They are both great additions to our team.

News: What we love most, is that all members of the Cejalvo clan had a quote for News on the change.

I am so happy to be part of the Yess Team! Since starting BMX I have always looked up to them, and Drew (Mechielsen) has always been an inspiration to me and my riding. I hope to follow in her footsteps and be a great role model to the younger girls in BMX someday.

Super stoked to be riding for Yess! The frames are really unique and they ride so awesome! No wonder so many riders are on them worldwide. Can’t wait to meet the rest of the Yess family at the races!

Renny and Bill have a great history in BMX, and are continually innovating and pushing the envelope of BMX technology. I’m very excited to be part of Yess BMX. Being local to us (Surrey, BC) made it a natural move for the kids, who have always wanted to be on the Team!

I am so happy to have Violet and Diego join the YESS BMX team. I know that through the years they have looked up to the older riders on the team. Diego has always looked up to Ryan (Tougas), and always watches how he rides, what lines he takes etc, and tries to apply that to his own riding. Violet has also looked up to Drew; she is a great role model and ambassador for the sport, in addition to being an amazing rider!

For them to be on the same team as these two, and the rest of the team is a dream come true. I have known most of the families many years, and for me it will be nice to share a pit with people that feel like family.

We are looking forward to seeing all three in our viewfinder, decked-out in the Black and Yellow this season.


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