#WinningWednesdays Calls it Final

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WinningWednesdays Final

Over the past 77 weeks, Mike Day and Donny Robinson have been writing the weekly #WinningWednesdays email newsletter. In that time, they have brought readers the most authoritative, insider tips to BMXers all over the globe. And they have engaged thousands of BMXers who have the next win in their sights.

Today’s edition, entitled “#WinningWednesdays, The Final Chapter” ends the first phase of their work. Here’s what they sent out to readers:

Where Oh Where, has the time gone? 

It’s been 77 weeks since we first started this little journey. Do you remember where you were when you first heard of Pedals 2 Medals? It’s likely hard to fathom how you survived as the person you were back then. Just like your wedding day and the birth of your first child, the Pedals 2 Medals press release, was an instance in your life you won’t ever forget.

It started with a name – Pedals 2 Medals – but it needed more; a purpose; a following. We knew there was a path that led us to this point in the sport, and life, and as our competitive careers were beginning to wind down, what good would it have done to keep all our knowledge to ourselves? Why not spare the future generation(s) the learning curve and share what has taken us decades to figure out? It was then, that #WinningWednesdays was born. 

Honestly, as we look back, we could have never imagined coming up with 76 different topics to speak on. But, every book needs an end, and we feel this chapter is perfect to end on. Speaking of looking back…
The very first #WinningWednesdays entry had Mike share with you the need for a training notebook. We hope you’ve gone through a few of them by now. By writing down your goals and your executed workload, you’ll hold yourself more accountable and create a better work ethic. 

In week #3, Mike shared his “pre-gate” routine – covering how he prepares mentally and physically before he steps on the gate.

Episode 10 saw Donny pointing-out the need to be smart about your health and recovery following crashes.
So, while this is the last of this #WinningWednesdays series, what’s good isn’t always lost; sequels happen regularly, and we hope you’ll stick around for the next phase of what we’re working on at Pedals 2 Medals–something that will make the success of future generations even moreso than our own. 

For a limited time we are making the full, 76-week collection of #WinningWednesdays available for download as a convenient and searchable PDF.  For readers who purchased the first-22-episode PDF, we are offering episodes 23-76 as a separate PDF, so you can complete your collection.

Click to order the PDF of your choice

Thank you for reading #WinningWednesdays each week.  We hope we have helped you take your racing to a new level. Stay tuned for the next phase.

—Donny and Mike

The full collection is a great resource for anyone who wants to take their racing to the next level, and we hope you’ll give it a click, just to check it out. They have a PDF posted with the full Table of Contents, so you can see how each of the 76 articles is set up.

Meanwhile, we wish Mike and Donny all the best in whatever is next for the Pedals 2 Medals program.

—Mike Carruth


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