Yess BMX Sprint Stand

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Yess BMX Sprint Stand

Your sprint sessions just got orders-of-magnitude easier, thanks to Yess BMX and the Yess Sprint Stand. It folds down for backpack transport to your secret sprint spot, then offers adjustable height and fold-out legs for rock-solid support as you’re settin’ up for repeated rock & roll, at maximum warp.

On raceday, bring it with to display the bike with the factory-fresh flav of a winner, in every way, who knows how to showcase for maximum sponsor recognition.

If you’re not doing regular sprint sessions now, you should be. And to demonstrate why, we called upon a big friend-of-News, Olympic Silver Medalist, Mike Day, to walk you through the why-and-how of it all. See the link below for the PDF.

The article in the PDF is plucked from the Pedals 2 Medals “#WinningWednesdays” series, a free e-newsletter Mike and Donny Robinson send out every week to set up your stoke for the next big race. A subscribe link is also below.

Meanwhile, order up the Yess Sprint Stand from J&R today. The MSRP is $74.95, but with the magic J&R Bicycles Product Spotlight discount code, you can get 15% off on this, plus any other non-sale items in your cart when you use JRSPOT15 during checkout.


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