Mid Season Pickup: Corey Salas

August 4, 2015 by  

Corey Salas joins Factory Supercross

Smilin Bill Ryan and all the stars of Factory Supercross are smilin a bit wider today, with news that 19-27x Simi Valley shredder, Corey Salas will join the team, effective immediately. The mid-season addition to the team was going to stay under wraps til Colorado a little later this month, but News go an early inside line.

We got a couple great shots of Corey in Desoto, and again in Ventura, which put him on the “hot sheet” of riders without a factory ride, who would be prime pickin for some sharp squad. Well, here we are!

We boosted the following vitals from the Supercross website, to fill you in a bit more on Corey and what he’s all about:

Home Town: Simi Valley, CA
Years Riding: 15
Height: 5’10″
Pets: 3 dogs
Pet Peeves: practice champs
Favorite Track: Sycamore BMX
What do you do when you’re not riding: Work, school, gym, and snowboard in the winter.
Your Hero: I really look up to my trainer Nick Smith. Definitely one of the best dudes I know.
Favorite Music: Anything that gets me pumped up.
Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite Drink: Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy
Guilty Pleasure: Frozen Yogurt
Favorite Race: Reno
Best thing about BMX: Setting goals and accomplishing them
Worst thing about BMX: Politics
Favorite Magazine: Pull Magazine, TW Snowboarding
Five Websites you visit every day:, twsnow,com, Facebook,, YouTube
Dream Car: BMW M4
Dream Vacation: Bora Bora
Riding Crew/Trainer: the local young guns, Derek Phipps, Dahvin Childs, Matt Rubeck, and my trainer Nick Smith.

A big BMX News congrats to all concerned, and we’ll look forward to seeing Corey rockin the Factory Supercross kit in Colorado.

—Mike Carruth


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