McCollum Park Pro-Am

August 2, 2015 by  

2015 McCollum Park BMX Pro Am

The annual McCollum Park Pro-Am in Washington State ran this weekend. The turnout was awesome, and the race action was even more awesome, based on reports that trailed-in over the weekend. The Pro-Am portion of the program is now solidly on the “must-go” list for many Elites and top experts looking to ride with the biggest of big-boys.

Race-runner, Bob Gleyre, posted the following on Facebook:

543 riders in 99 motos, plus the pro am, made it 110 motos total! I never expected that, and I’m forever greatful to you all! My first time linking multiple sign-up computers together, as well as setting up the race in race manager. We had a few small hiccups with the pro am plate numbers, but only one repost, and that was due to a handful of riders forgetting to sign up.

The pros and amateurs put on an amazing show, and all of the riders and families were so awesome! I thank each and every one of you for your support and thanks that was expressed throughout the day. By noon today I had over 80 text messages and even more Facebook messages with an amazing outpouring of thanks. Every time I turned around, someone was shaking my hand and saying thank you. I’m blown away by the BMX community this weekend to say the least.

I also must say, the outpouring of support by volunteers, staff and families of the other tracks in the state has seriously restored a ton of my faith in the Northwest scene. This race was run by volunteers from multiple Washington tracks, and the knowledge, professionalism and team work was over-the-top!!!! I can’t thank you all enough.

Last but certainly not least, I would like to thank my wife Sheila Bergley Gleyre for her unbelievable support in this endeavor. She has sacrificed so much of our time together to allow me to follow this crazy dream of mine. Even going as far as to step up and be a major contributing volunteer in sign ups.

I really want to list each and every volunteer that stepped up and made this possible, but in fear of my forgetful brain leaving someone out, I will just say thank you to all that made yesterday possible! You know who you are!

Pete Kirk thinks I’m crazy as all-get-out, with my rebuilds, pro plates, making our own trophies, dj, drone etc. But I know for a fact he wouldn’t want it any other way! Until next year… Keep the rubber side down!


Races like this are an important part of the BMX ecosystem, which allows areas that do not normally get Pro Series races to bring the big guns to town, and put on a helluva show for the locals. Looks like the mission was more-than-accomplished this year, and we’re looking forward to seeing the 2016 version.

Results were not immediately posted, but we can see the top-three in the photo above:

Nic Long (Haro Bikes)
Lain Van Ogle (Staats)
Jeffrey Upshaw (Kuwahara)

Well done, all-around!