Podcast: Derek Betcher on Speedco Velox Carbon

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Derek Betcher on Speedco Velox Carbon
Back on April 16, 2014, BMX News broke the scoop that the Speedco and Sinz brands would be coming back to market, after falling silent after VSI Products exited the BMX market back in mid-2013 (link below).

In the time since taking over the brands, MOJO BMX Distribution honcho, Kirk Morrison, has been busy getting things in place for a triumphant return to the market. Last September, he hired Derek Betcher, formerly of Haro Bikes, as Speedco / Sinz Brand Manager, and point man on all the development that lie ahead.

Earlier this year, News watched social media eagerly, as Kirk and Derek made their way through the Far East, slurping noodles, shaking hands, and sketching BMX products in sketchy conference rooms.

Speedco Velox Carbon BMX Frame
Fast-forward a few months, and behold: the first prototype of the Speedco Velox Carbon.

In this episode of Announcers Tower, DB talks about the development process, and how it differs from creating an aluminum product. He also answers our question on how old or how big a rider should be before they will truly see the benefits of a carbon frame. Plus an update on the resurgent Sinz product line, and much more.

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Derek posted a bunch of detail shots of the Velox on the Speedco website, so head on over there (link below) and check them out. And keep your eyes right here for the latest on Speedco, and its return.

—Mike Carruth

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