2015 USA Cycling BMX Elite Champions

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2015 USA Cycling BMX National Champiions

It was an incredible evening of BMX Supercross Racing under the lights in Rock Hill, SC Friday Night, as the 2015 USA Cycling BMX Elite National Champions were crowned.

This race, which was open to US citizens only, had 25 riders in Elite Men, and a total-points-running seven for the women.

Alise Post topped the first round, but had some trouble on the first straight in the second round, battling back from the back of the pack to finish third to Brooke Crain and Felicia Stancil. The third round of the total points class would be run before the Elite Men’s main event, and saw Alise put in a solid, almost effortless-looking lap to capture the win, and keep her stars & stripes sleeve for another year.

In the Elite Men’s main, some drama in the semis shuffled the deck a bit, and we had a main event rack that had some great potential for a “hiding in the weeds” pickoff.

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Defending champ, Connor Fields, had some trouble out of the gate–hard to say if he unclipped, or hit the gate, but whatever the impediment, he was last down the hill, as Nic Long and Justin Posey went to the front out into turn one. That order was written in pen from the exit of the first turn, on. Meanwhile, the three-spot changed hands a couple times, with Logan Collins and Steven Cisar battling for it down the second straight–but Connor came through the pack super-strong, and took up third by mid-point on the third straight. At the line, Nic had the win, Posey with second and Connor on the three-step. For as awesome a lap as Nic and JP put in to earn their spots, the hot lap of the night may just have to go to Connor for his last-to-third performance.

While there were not enough riders to fill-out Junior Elite classes, there were championship jerseys handed out, nevertheless, as Juniors and Elites were combined. Thus, the junior with the highest finish would be the Junior Champ. In the case of the Junior Women, the only one in the running was Kelsey Van Ogle. For Junior Men, it was defending champ, Collin Hudson, and Ryan Pettigrew–with Pettigrew getting the top podium honors this year.

Congratulations to all our USA Cycling BMX Champions. Two more exciting days of BMX Supercross await here at the Carolina Nationals, so keep it here for more re-cap, and photo galleries.

Elite Women
Alise Post, Redline
Brooke Crain Factory Haro, Visalia, Ca
Felicia Stancil, Factory Gt
Dani George, Chase/ Dhr
Shealen Reno, Hyper Bicycles
Kelsey Van Ogle, Factory Staats/Ciari
Alaina Henderson

Elite Men
Nic Long, Factory Haro
Justin Posey, Dan’s Comp
Connor Fields, Chase Bmx
Corben Sharrah, Factory Haro
Steven Cisar, Avent/Bombshell
Jeffery Upshaw, Factory Kuwahara
Logan Collins, Speedco/Sinz
Barry Nobles, DK Bicycles


Photo Gallery: 2015 USAC BMX Elite Championships