Coletrain Rolls to Dan’s Comp

January 20, 2015 by  

Spencer Cole joins Dan's Comp

With the new season just getting started, there is plenty of team news still yet-to-be-disclosed. A big piece of the 2015 team puzzle was filled-in today, as Dan’s Comp announced that Spencer Cole, rock-star-caliber 13x, and one of the best brand ambassadors without a drivers license has joined the team.

Dan’s bearded bro-on-the-go, eternal friend-of-News and Dan’s TM, Rayn Chappelle, gave us an early heads-up on the lovely low-down, saying:

“How can I be part of the Dan’s Comp family?” “What does it take to earn a lightning bolt-stricken green jersey?” As team manager, I’m asked these questions all the time. There’s no set-formula to it. No complex mathematical calculations. We don’t use a Magic 8-Ball, Ouija Board, tea leaves or fortune cookies to answer these questions.

Truth is, you have to be chosen. You have to do things right, on and off the track, and have certain special “magic” that gets you noticed, and makes riders like Justin Posey, Matt Pohlkamp, Alden Volle and Tyler Faoro get excited to welcome you into the fold.

For 2015, we have just such a rider. A dude who does it all: gets-it-done on the track, helps up & coming riders, represents his sponsors with pro-size polish, and brings that magic I talked about above.

It is my pleasure to welcome 13-year old phenom, Spencer “Coletrain” Cole to the Dan’s Comp Factory Team! Spencer is one of the most talented young men on the track today. With his amazing talents and personality, Coletrain is a great addition to the Dan’s Comp Factory Team. Welcome, Spence! You have more-than earned your place in our family!

Spencer has been synonymous with DK for as long as we can remember. And, as you might notice, he will still be aboard a DK frame, even when he trades his DK green jersey for a Dan’s Comp bolt.

Coletrain sent-along his own words on the change:

First, I want to thank everyone from DK Bicycles for everything they have done for me the past 5 years to get me where I am today.

I am VERY excited to be joining the Dan’s Comp team for the 2015 season, while still riding a DK frame. Dan’s Comp has the perfect team environment, along with the support from my teammates and the crew to keep me going.

It feels great to be on the best team possible, while riding the raddest frame out there!

We gotta give him some serious props for a savvy “stoke statement” like that.

Big congrats to the Dan’s Comp crew for adding a real gem to their already diamond-studded squad.

Look for Coletrain in his new duds in the Derby City for the 2015 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals.


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