2015 Yess BMX USA Factory Team

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2015 Yess BMX US Factory Team

With the 2014 USA BMX Grands in the rearview, it’s “ollie ollie oxen free” on 2015 team news. With all the artful dodging before the race, we can now start to report who’s going where, and what they’re going to be riding in the new year.

First up is the new Yess BMX US Factory Team. A robust crew, complimenting its brother-team to the North, Jerry Bradford has signed on as team manager for the all-star, five-rider squad, composed, largely, of Jerry’s former Phoenix/BOX riders.

The hand-picked roster looks like this (L to R, above):
Christina Cunningham (7G, NAG 2)
Jayce Bartley (9C, NAG 2)
Patrick Coo (12X, NAG 1)
Kohl Piluso (11X, NAG 3)
Maynard Peel (15X, NAG 1)

Wowza! For a five-rider team, Jerry & Co. picked a prime peck of (red-hot) pickled peppers!

News got some quotes from the prime-movers:

Yess BMX Founder, Renny Husada said:

Having the opportunity to work together with such a great Coach/Manager/Mentor does not come everyday and when we had a chance to work with a good friend I couldn’t not pass it up. I’m looking forward to a successful year in the USA as we will continue to support Renato’s Alltow/Wrecking Crew who will represent us in the East and now we have a small but high profile Western team to represent our colors in the West.

Incoming Team Manager Jerry Bradford had this to say about the change in colors:

I am really excited for 2015 and working with Yess. With only five riders on the Yess BMX US Factory Team, the goal is to build an elite squad that all riders will aspire to be like. I am proud to have all of them, each of whom have a history of riding and working with me, involved in the program. We will be mostly racing Western nationals in 2015, along with the Canadian and USA BMX Grands.

Family and Rider Comments

We’ve been with Jerry for three years and, through his help and mentorship, have accomplished three titles for Patrick. He is not only a great mentor and trainer, also a great person as well, we are very excited for next year, riding and representing Yess BMX, with Jerry managing the team.

—Benjamin Coo

Our family is very excited to be starting a new chapter in our son kohl’s racing career. We have spent 4 years with Jerry Bradford and he is an amazing coach, Team Manager and friend. We are very happy that he has given us the opportunity to once again race with him as our team manager on the Yess US Factory Team. We are looking forward to a new year with a new team owner, awesome frame and a great coach. Thank you to the new Yess Factory family!

—Garrett Piluso

With only five riders, the 2015 Yess BMX Factory Team will have a high profile. All riders are extremely talented, which will make the Yess US Factory Team look great, on and off the track! I am very excited to start 2015 with my new jersey on!”

—Maynard Peel

The new Yess BMX US Factory Team will make their first appearance at the season-opener, Silver Dollar Nationals in Las Vegas, next month–minus Maynard, who will be soaking up some of that Southern-Hemisphere Summer sun in his native New Zealand. And, by the way, when addressing Mr. Peel, it’s “May-nard,” not “Maynerd!”


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