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Pedals 2 Medals WinningWednesdays E-Book

Mike Day and Donny Robinson have been doing a weekly email message called #WinningWednesdays since founding their virtual BMX coaching company, Pedals 2 Medals, six months ago. As the list of people receiving the weekly email grows, they had been receiving more and more requests to bundle all the back issues into one place, which they have now done, in the form of a PDF e-book.

Mike and Donny have granted BMX News special permission to take four articles and offer a sample of the full e-book to BMX News readers, as a free digital download.

The full e-book, available on the Pedals2Medals website for $9.95 (link below) has all 22 articles, which provide some great tips and insight based on Mike & Donny’s own 20+ years apiece in the sport. The table of contents for the full book is in the free download, so you can get an idea of what’s inside.

Meanwhile the weekly #WinningWednesdays emails are free to receive in your inbox, and you can sign up for the list while you’re purchasing the first 22 bundled-up back issues.

Be sure to check out Donny’s Pro Gate clinic at the Grands (details coming next week).

Big props to Mike & Donny on the e-book. We always look forward to reading the newest nuggets every Wednesday. Thanks for giving us this special freebie-peek.

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