Pedals 2 Medals Launches Video Critique

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Pedals 2 Medals launches Video Critiquea

Back On May 11 of this year, the BMX News Anouncers Tower Podcast welcomed US Olympians Mike Day and Donny Robinson to the show. They were here to talk about their new venture–Pedals 2 Medals, a virtual coaching service which will bring subscription-based video tutorials, as well some other services to BMXers around the world.

The guys have been busy developing the project, and have since written 21 consecutive weekly #WinningWednesdays email messages to their free email list.

Today marks the official launch of the first in the Pedals 2 Medals suite of products and services– personal video critique.

Mike and Donny have developed an easy-to-use method for you to upload video of your rider (on the gate, in a race, sprinting, or other on-track scenario), and receive a personal review by Mike or Donny.

You can also use videos upoaded to video sharing services like YouTube, Photobucket or Flickr.

Rather than an endless stream of back & forth emails, they are using a project management tool called “Basecamp” to hold all communication in a private, central location. Basecamp is used by tens of thousands of big companies for online collaboration and is rock-solid reliable. Plus, it’s “Made in Chicago!”

The standard critique service has a turnaround time of 48 hours and is priced, for an introductory period, at $49. This includes two responses on the same issue (your initial question about what you want reviewed, their answer, and a follow up to that response, and another answer).

There are also two levels of faster service: a 24-hour “Expedited” response for $69, and a 12-hour “Rush” service for $79. Donny tells News that the Rush service is in place for times when riders may need critique/feedback on a practice lap, or day-one main event at a national. The Rush service will get the critique moving in time for you to make use of it in the next day’s race. HUGE advantage, right there.

Over the past two months, a select few beta testers have been using the service, and have reported very positively, one saying “I would pay to use this service in the future!”

Donny told news:

Mike and I were very pleased with how smoothly the initial Pedals 2 Medals video critique tests went. As long as the submission clearly indicates the rider to study, along with adequate angles and clarity of the video footage, I truly believe this is the fastest and most efficient way to optimize any rider’s gate / track technique or bike setup, whether on a practice night or a crucial race weekend.

Mike expanded on what Donny said:

As we continue to work on the site, it feels good to get the video critique up and running! The Basecamp project management system makes it super-easy for us to go back and forth with the riders (and/or parents) to help achieve the results they are looking to achieve.

The key is for the rider/parent to come in with a clear idea of what they want out of the critique, and to get clear, steady video, shot from the right angle. I guess I am repeating some of what Donny just said, but it bears mentioning twice, since it is SO important for us to do the critique.

We can definitely see how this service will help riders and their parent/coach keep the program moving forward in a positive direction. It’s pretty awesome that Joe racer can make a small investment and have his race/training evaluated by an Olympic Medalist to make sure the money s/he is spending on race day isn’t wasted. Check the links below for more on the Pedals 2 Medals Video Critique, and how to join their #WinningWednesdays list (next message goes out tomorrow).

There are more headlines coming from these two, so we’ll keep the com-link to Pedals 2 Medals HQ open so we can bring scoop to you as it happens.

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