Answer/Rennen Adds Leyna Jones for 015

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Leyna Jones Joins Answer/Rennen for 2015

The countdown to the 2014 USA BMX Grands sits at 45 days today. Historically, team news kinda held its breath until the semis were on the hill on Sunday afternoon in Tulsa. But that tradition has changed the past few years, as disbanding teams inform their riders about next-year plans early, giving them the best hopes of scoring a solid ride to transition into.

Last year, it was Morphine Industries who announced they would be trimming-back their team effort. That allowed Doran Bradshaw and Olijuwon Davis to find a new home under the Doublecross tent, among a few other moves.

This year, it’s Factory Phoenix who will be making its exit from the team stage. Company founder Tom Floyd told News “The team knows. We will have our farewell race at the Grands.”

One of the Phoenix riders making an early 2015 deal announcement is 12G headliner, Leyna Jones. The Oxnard, CA native will be joining George Costa’s Answer/Rennen team to add additional West Coast strength to the squad.

Leyna told News:

I am happy to be part of Answer/Rennen team, with a couple of my friends, for 2015. I am glad I will get to meet new people and shred some hot laps on my new SSquared frame. Although I’m sad to be leaving the Phoenix family, who is a great group of people & I will miss dearly, I am glad to be able to find a new home.”

Leyna has a christmas tree of main event slips this year, with 25 wins, 17 second places and seven third places, between 12G and 11-12G Cruiser (and a few other non-podium finishes).

George told News:

I am very excited to add Leyna to the Answer/Rennen family. Coming into this year I felt like she was flying under the radar and actually had a conversation with her dad (Mucho) at the Indoor Kentucky Race in February about this. I was very happy to see her end up on Phoenix as she was very deserving of a top factory ride even if it was for the competition, LOL.

She has had an amazing year so far and when the spot in her age group opened up on my team for her I knew I was gonna make the push to try to recruit them as fast as I could. Leyna is gonna be a huge asset to the team and I can’t wait for 2015 to begin.

We also took this opportunity to ask George if he had any other choice morsels to share on 2015 Answer Rennen activities.

For 2015 the biggest changes coming to A/R is our uniform sponsorship. With the recent developments going on with Answer BMX and ANSR MX its no surprise we will be representing the Syncron line to the fullest in 2015.

And we are still on the prowl for top riders. 2015 looks like its gonna be real interesting with plenty of riders moving around and new teams popping up. I cant wait to start the season in Vegas which I predict will break moto count records for the season opener.

Leyna just celebrated her sixth year of racing on October 1, and is moving ever-closer to her stated goals of winning the #1 Amateur Girl and #1 Pro Women titles. She also has eyes on the longer-term prize: making the Olympic team in 2020 or 2024.

Big congrats to Leyna, George and the Answer/Rennen crew on getting together for the new season.


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