Aaron Gwin – On Fire With No Tire

June 16, 2014 by  

Aaron Gwin - On Fire With No Tire

Something awesome from the MTB World Cup in Austria this past weekend: USA National Champ, Aaron Gwin was taking his last run of the day–which, from the sound of the commentary, could have put the lock on his 10th World Cup win.

The run starts out just fine then, about 10 seconds in to the three-minute run, his rear tire goes flat. What happens next is the cool part. Aaron does not shut it down and say “oh well, I got a flat tire,” he keeps it going at full-boost, over unimaginable terrain.

We’ll let the vid tell the story.

Well, the video was pulled from YouTube, but if it were still up, you’d see Gwin blazing down the hill with his tire flat, then off the rim and flailing in the wind. It could have gotten hung up on a branch or stump at any point, causing serious damage to bike and body. But it didn’t and Aaron raced between the razorblades to finish the lap in spectacular fashion.

Serious skills and perseverance. Down the hill at 20MPH, on rim only. Wowza!

Aaron finished last in the 78 rider field, obviously, finishing at all is the unreal feat.

Josh Bryceland from Great Britain won his first world cup with Gwin out of the picture.

—Mike Carruth