Nic Long Homeless Handout 3

March 17, 2014 by  

Nic Long - Homeless Handout 3

Last month, Nic Long and more than a dozen other BMX family members came together for some home cookin, and good-doin as part of Nic’s on-going “homeless handout” program.

The group put together around 200 meal boxes with spaghetti, bread, bottled water and cupcakes, loaded it all up into eight waiting SUVs, and headed to downtown San Diego to distribute the goodies.

The giveaways did not stop with tasty treats. Nic put together other things that homeless people, especially, can use: 150 blankets donated by Haro Bikes, boxes of clothes from Vans and Dan’s Comp.

Nic literally had some folks dancing in the streets, as you’ll see in the Deft Family edit below.

Last week, some freestylers riding street in Downtown LA drew the ire of both social and mainstream media worldwide, as they were painted as disrespecting the homeless by bunnyhopping over, and generally menacing (but not hitting) them. The riders in the vid didn’t hurt any of the unsuspecting homeless, but as they say in media coaching circles, the “optics” were not very good (translation: it didn’t look good).

We like Nic’s edit, because it shows BMXers doing something that needs doing. Our guess is that they would be out there doing it, whether cameras were rolling or not, which makes it all-the-cooler.