Answer/Rennen Reno Race Report

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Answer/Rennen Reno 2014 Race Report
By: Robert Klein
Reno or R1 as it is often referred to is in the books. This year had a little different feel. The weather wasn’t quite as cold outside as in years past, new team colors are brighter than in years past, and Shawn Diprete wasn’t in our team uniform (Although he was in our pits all weekend).

But one thing remained the same; the competition on the track was amazing. As usual the big teams had their normal 25 man teams staged and ready for the first round of team sheets. Answer/Rennen however had six riders total in attendance. There is a story about some guy versus Goliath. I do believe his name was George Costa. George stated at the end of the Grands that he had a newfound energy and desire if you will. Well folks we have awakened the sleeping giant. The off-season additions have already proven to be huge, as Jack Kelly put on his new kit, and was ready for action on a completely new bike. Cannonball Jack rode phenomenally along with team “veterans” Samantha Gracey, Tara Klein, Cameron Moore, Derik Bergh, and Brandon Crain.

Samantha Gracey (8G) finished third both days in mixed open making it through quarters and semis against all the top West Coast girls and third and fourth in class on the weekend.

Tara Klein (9G) representing Answer/Rennen on both class and cruiser. Klein ended the weekend with two 3rds on Saturday a third in class on Sunday and a huge win in 10 and under girl cruiser as a 9 year old.

Brandon Crain (10X) showed up ready to prove why he is NAG 1. Saturday went off and you could just tell something wasn’t quite right with Crain. Saturday would have to go down as a test day with a little bad luck thrown in for good measure. So some bike adjustments here and a little mental coaching there and Crain straight came for names on Sunday, winning 10 cruiser, and taking a 2nd in 10X against 43 riders.

Jack Kelly (11X) scored a 3rd in Open against the older kids and a 2nd in class. Sunday would be much of the same for Kelly as he finished 3rd and 2nd again. Jack is adjusting quite nicely to the new SSquared and team. We are very pleased to have him.

Cameron Moore (16X) had much of the same on Saturday. It seemed that bad luck followed our riders on Saturday and Cam was not exempt. Again when you are NAG 1, it comes with a huge target on your back, or your side in Moore’s case as lap after lap saw someone running into him on day one. Like all the Answer/Rennen riders Cameron went to the hotel and slept on it, then returned Sunday and showed ‘em why he is number 1. Cameron would lay the rubber down, heading into the main event as he and Ryan Zinzow of our sister Answer team put on a lap for the ages. Cameron would end up second on Sunday. After Moore finished his lap you could see the Answer/Rennen pits start to realize what was about to happen.

But before we go there, let’s talk about the Iceman Derik Bergh (17-18X). In what is hands down the toughest and deepest talented class in USABMX 17-18X Bergh did what he always does. He put his Answer/Rennen backed bike towards the front of the pack and took a hard fought second place on Saturday. In Sunday’s main event, after beating-out 30 other riders to make it an 8-man gate, Bergh clipped in like always, waited for the cadence and BANG! Shot out of the gate like a man possessed, banging bars with seven other riders, all the way through the first turn. As they settled in down the second straight Bergh was in second, and in position to make a move for the win, into the last turn he had Townsend on the outside–then went for the move, but Townsend shut the door just in time and they finished 1-2, with Derik in the two-spot.

So back to that feeling in the Answer/Rennen pits. Team manager George had that smile; you know the one that says, “We did it!” After tallying the team sheet, Answer/Rennen had laid down a huge 244 score. That was good enough to give us a second-place in the Factory division on Sunday. Our hats are tipped to Factory Phoenix for scoring a “Goliath” 250 points on their Sunday sheet, and winning the factory division. But I would say that little 6-man team that George brought to slay Goliath did a pretty good job at R1!

We’ll see you in Louisville. As always we could not do this without the great sponsors that help support our team.

Answer/Rennen Co-Sponsors: Answer BMX, Rennen Design Group, Ssquared Bicycles, Tioga BMX, G-Cog, Crit BMX, Fly Racing, Time2Shine, G-Form, Base Brooklyn and Pedro’s

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