Answer/Rennen Grands – “Tick-Tock” Edition

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Answer Rennen 2013 USA BMX Grands Report

A “Tick-Tock’ is a step-by-step account of what transpired during a given event. At The White House, the “Presidential Tick-Tock” is literally a minute-by-minute account of how the Commander In Chief spent the day.

Any Answer/Rennen trip is an exercise in military precision, an object lesson in packing a trailer, and sometimes a white-knuckle ride involving sparks and flames shooting out from under the famed Rennen van, the chopping-off of one or more parts with a hacksaw, then continuing at a reduced rate of speed to the destination.

These trips are the best BMX has to offer. The trips people will be talking about decades later as how awesome it was “Back In The Day.” All-the-moreso when they involve overcoming mechanical hurdles via any means necessary to ultimately triumph on Saturday and Sunday. The Answer Rennen Tick Tock for the 2013 USA BMX Grand Nationals is one of the most epic examples we have seen in recent years.

Submitted by George Costa

Monday, November 25, 2013
Load Rennen Van/trailer

Tuesday, November 26, 2013
Depart Massachusetts (8AM)
Pickup riders in three different states
Notice a transmission line leak
Fix transmission fluid hose
Drive for three hrs after repair
Discover low fluid levels
Google “Autozone” (Shows “12mi away”)
Drive six miles
Van losing power quickly
Get stuck two miles From Autozone
Stranded on overpass (5PM)
Grab a bike out of the trailer
Ride two miles through snow
Get supplies from Autozone
Ride two miles back through Snow
Get yelled-at by State Trooper
Get Rennen van back to Autozone
Discover the new hose blew out
Make repair with correct hose
Drive three more hrs (top speed: 50 MPH)
Stop at Bufflao, NY airport (11PM)
Check rental car prices/availability
Declare that nothing is stopping us from getting to the 2013 Grands
Leave Rennen van at a “Park and Ride”
Rent an SUV (with trailer hitch!! – Yes!)
Perform vehicle swap (Midnight)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013
12:15AM – Depart Buffalo, NY for Tulsa, OK
5:40PM – Arrive River Spirit Expo Center – Tulsa, OK (yes…nearly 34hrs since departure)
Set up Answer-Rennen pit in 20min (before building closes)

Thursday, November 28, 2013
Max Egsdorf Answer Rennen 2013 USA BMX Grands
Practice for all age classes
Thanksgiving Lunch with Answer/Rennen Team (12pm)

Friday, November 29, 2013
2013 USA BMX Race of Champions – 551 Motos
Race over at approximately 9:15PM
Check Grands moto sheets at host hotel – 712 motos – history made

Saturday, November 30, 2013
First round of Grands motos
Answer/Rennen riders leading tons of laps!
Pro Spectacular (6PM)
George Costa accepts Golden Crank Award for Answer Rennen
Answer/Rennen wins Golden Crank Team of the Year (7PM)
SSquared wins Golden Crank Bike of the Year (7:30PM)
Answer/Rennen A-Pro Max Egdorf wins Answer Holeshot award (9:00PM)
Max Egdorf Hurt in Pro Spectacular Main
Max fractures his collarbone and scapula (9:00:26PM)

Sunday, December 1, 2013
Answer/Rennen riders transfer through qualifiers into mains
6 Answer/Rennen Riders win their mains
6 NAG #1′s
Answer Rennen Brandon Crain NAG 1
Brandon Crain #1 9 cruiser (above)
Cameron Moore #1 15x and 15 cruiser
Jeremy Knapper #1 21-25 Cruiser
Niles Austin #1 26-30 Cruiser
Shawn DiPrete #1 41-45 Cruiser
Shawn DiPrete - 2013 USA BMX Cruiser Champion
Shawn DiPrete wins the Overall Amateur Cruiser Cup
Answer/Rennen wins the Factory Team Competition with a score of 688
Answer/Rennen climbs up in the standings from 4th to 2nd overall
Team begins celebrating in the pits
Newest Answer/Rennen rider Jack Kelly spotted in our pit
Breakdown of pit
Back to the hotel to get dinner and celebrate some more (Midnight)

Monday, December 2, 2013
Drive back to Massachusetts with the greatest sense of accomplishment ever felt in my 20 yrs of involvement of the sport

BMX is one of those sports that provides such a rush of adrenaline and excitement that sometimes we forget what is occurring around us. The sport is growing, races are getting bigger the competition is getting harder. We are beginning to see significant particpation from riders overseas. AA pro Sam willoughby just performed a near impossible feat of 18 AA wins and his third pro title.

As the TM of Answer/Rennen, I have had the pleasure of being knee-deep in the thick of team management and brand promotion. Establishing good relationships is vital to the success of the team and an important life lesson to pass onto the kids.

Champions are created, not born, and the true sign of greatness is when you can ask a rider to do something that may seem impossible, and they execute. Coach G has a saying “The mind will quit before the body”

On a few different occasions throughout the weekend I found myself talking through problems and working out strategies with both riders and parents. Riders earn respect when they take criticism and feedback and mold that into a great lap on the track.

We as adults and individuals in the industry owe it to ourselves to convey the knowledge and experience we have to these kids. They evolve into young men and women, right before our eyes, and it is so rewarding to know that, in some way-shape-or-form, our hands have had a part in shaping their futures.

I am an extremely fortunate person. I was able to find BMX racing and took a liking to that at age 12. At 15 I began racing in Rhode Island at a track called Rocky Hill. It was there where I first met Shawn Diprete. He was tall, skinny and had a mullet. Never did I think in my wildest dreams I would later start a BMX company that he would ride/work for. Yet here we are, 20+ years later and we are celebrating achievements in BMX that for some seem unimaginable.

But these achievements are not unimaginable. They’re real, and happening now in the moment. It’s the consequnece of surrounding yourself with the best riders in the country, representing the best brands in the sport.

Answer/Rennen is a family, not a race team. Like all families, we have our ups and downs, but when times get tough we pull together as one unit for those in need. We may get knocked down from time to time but you can be sure we will always get back up. The 2014 season is just a few weeks away, and Answer/Rennen will be there in full-force to leave its mark on the factory division.

We at Answer/Rennen would like to congratulate Donavon Long of the Haro/Promax team. He’s a legend in the factory division, and I can only hope to experience the same kind of success he has had for his teams over the years.

We also would like to acknowledge our sister squad, Ssquared/Answer/TLD, run by Jim Buchanan. I have the pleasure of sponsoring their team and can honestly say there is no other person who does more or cares about a small group of kids. They had a rough Grands but are mega-talented and will be back with a vengeance. Jim doesn’t get enough credit for what he does.

I’m writing this in the gate area at Boston Logan International Airport, a few minutes before boarding a plane to Colombia, where I will be taking-in an invitational race they are hosting in Medellin, and conducting a seminar on our products. The BMX life is amazing!

—George Costa

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