Free Agent Team Report: Fresno

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Team Free Agent wins in Fresno
By @RobertRiofrio

Fresno Redline Cup For the second year in a row Fresno, California was the host for the Redline Cup West. It is also the second year Fresno hosted a pro series event. Dale Holmes, Cristian Becerine, and two-time gold medalist Maris Strombergs loaded up the Freeagent/Rockstar van and made their way to the Central Valley for the race weekend.

The facility in Fresno’s Woodward Park is a BMX rider’s dream. Riders will never find themselves getting bored in this place. Aside from the track the facility has a pump track, a section that includes 40 + table tops, and a dirt jumping section. This year the Fresno crew made some changes to the track. The most noticeable change was on the second straight. Much to the delight of the pros the pro set had a bigger first jump and the doubles were stretched out.

Maris Strombergs – The Latvian heart throb was back to his gold medal form in his motos on Saturday. Taking a 2,1,2. Maris drew an outside Lane in the first AA main. Not a problem for the Olympian as he won the battle to the first turn and held it to the finish line. In the second main Maris had the favorable lane one and used it to his advantage, rocketing out of the first turn in the lead and taking the win. The Machine had some problems in the third main and finished with a fourth place. A 1,1,4 proved to be low points for the day putting him on top of the box.

Sunday morning started off great for Maris, with a win in the first moto. His semi was little more dramatic than he would have liked, as he unclipped down the first straight. He made up more ground than a F16 at supersonic speed and pushed himself at the line into the main event.

In the first main Maris snapped out of the gate charging for the first turn narrowly missing out on the holeshot money, and finished up the race with a second place. The second main was a great battle between Maris and Sam Willoughby. Maris lead from the start, however it was Willoughby with the push at the line and the win. The third main saw Maris take the holeshot and lead the race from start to finish. A 2,2,1 was a enough to give him the win for the day.

Cristian Becerine – Big C took his AA experience and Free Agent Limo right to the front in the first Vet Pro main on Saturday. The second main was a carbon copy of the first main with Big C winning by several bike lengths. In the third mainm Cristian completed the hat trick and took home the overall win for the day. Cristian picked up where he left off the day and won the first two Vet Pro mains. He completed the weekend sweep by winning the final main making it a perfect weekend. Big C has put himself in great position to defend his Vet Pro title.

Dale Holmes – The UK legend is newly reclassified to the Am ranks and having a blast on his old school flat pedals. On top of his team manager duties, Mr. Holmes has been racking up wins from Louisville to Chula in the 41 and over expert class. In Fresno Dale kept up his winning ways and dominated the older expert class both days.


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Watch for more from Team Free Agent in two weeks at the Disney Cup in Orlando, FL.