2014 USA BMX National Schedule Released

September 17, 2013 by  

2014 USA BMX National Schedule Download

Today, on the eve of the Interbike industry trade show, USA BMX released the 2014 national schedule. We’re stoked to see it so early this year (it usually comes out around the end of October or early November).

For 2014 a total of 28 national weekends, plus the Grands, await us all. A few early observations:

* Reno is back to being a pro race

* Winter Nationals, for the first time in a long time (ever?) will not be a pro race

* Five UCI races in the schedule for 2014. Seven will be 2014 USA BMX Pro races

* Redline Cup Finals East will be a Pro race

* We will be visiting lovely Ventura, CA instead of Bakersfield the first weekend in May

* Back to Pottstown, Lincoln (NE), and Wisconsin Rapids

* Waterford Oaks and the “Lumberjack” Nationals in Richland, WA will be on the schedule.

* USA Cycling National Championships will run on Saturday of the Spring Nationals in Albuquerque (not listed on PDF)

* Colorado gets a national in 2014–at Dacono

Looks like a very solid schedule for 2014 in USA BMX land. Definitely a few places we have not been to in a while–and a few we have never been to at all. And that’s what the fun of the national BMX tour is all about.


Download the 2014 USA BMX National Schedule (PDF)