Podcast: Pope, Post and R.Evolution

August 15, 2013 by  

BMX News - Weston Pope and Red Bull R.Evolution Podcast

In case you missed the live show yesterday, we’re posting the podcast version (with some of the rough spots edited out) this morning.

We ran over the hour when we were on-air, and were cut off, so we edited the final six minutes back into the show for the on-demand Podcast.

It was a great show, with Weston Pope telling us about his plans to live part time in Africa for the foreseeable future, Alise Post talking about her decision to step-up her already-successful charity event for 2013, and the Red Bull R.Evolution crew of Johan Lindstrom, Tom Ritz and Mike Day talking about the vibe at Mellopark, and how they came to build one of the gnarliest BMX tracks of all time.

Give it a listen now:

Also, after the show, we put together the following links we discussed in the show.

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