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August 22, 2013 by  

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On this rainy day in the Midwest, we did a quick search for “Rain Chicago” (to see how much longer it was going to last), and hit upon this neat Website in the paid links on the right side of Google. is a website that a fair amount of BMX tracks already know about, but we thought it was worthy of a “Quick Hit” to talk a little about it, in case there were some that did not know about it–or for independent folks who do clinics or any other activity where rain could cloud your plans (yuk, yuk).

Tracks have replaced Broadtexter with this service, after the former was bought out and dumped their free plan.

Kyle Oswald of the Exchange BMX in Aberdeen, SD said:

Rained out works much better than the previous texting service that we were using. The last service was really bad about getting the messages out to all that were signed up, with some message taking as long as 24hrs before they were delivered.

With RaindOut, though you can’t view who is signed up, and you’re limited on characters you type it is a totally free and very solid service. You can use email addresses as well. When I send a cancelation notice its about 98 percent effective. We love it!

Riders and their families can opt in to the RainedOut profile of the tracks nearest them, so they get the word if plans change. It seems lots of tracks are seeing epic rainouts this year, so definitely a service that is helpful.