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BMXNEWS.COM - Jay Fraga on Concussions

Concussions–severe impacts to the head which may cause a person to lose consciousness (but also may not) are the type of injury you can get in everyday life, or by participating in the most extreme sports known to man. We hear of people falling down stairs, or tripping up a curb and suffering a concussion; and we hear of Football heroes, and yes, BMXers suffering them too, when things go wrong.

Aggro Bikes founder, Jay Fraga was a person who had suffered eight concussions over his life time–and it was the eighth one that changed his life forever. Jay suffers from a laundry list of after effects, including dark spots in his vision, balance issues, nausea and other annoyances that are also widely reported by concussion patients.

Last November, Jay founded The Knockout Project–an organization that has made its mission to expand awareness and understanding of these by reaching out to parents, coaches and athletes of all ages to bring the topic front & center. Nobody suits up in the morning saying “today’s the day I am going to smash my head into the pavement/dirt/ice, etc,” but it happens–thousands of times a day across America.

We sat down with Jay last night on BMX News Announcers Tower Live to hear about his story, and the vision for The Knockout Project.

Later in the show, we were joined by Paul DePauw, track operator at East Moline BMX, who gave us some good tips on working with local media in our respective home towns to promote the sport of BMX racing, our brand, our team or our track.

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We were very impressed with both Jay and Paul’s command of the material, and the way he candidly answered our questions.

There are some great resources, and stories on The Knockout Project Website (link below).


The Knockout Project Website

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