10 Gross-Out Foods We See At Races

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Gross-Out Food Facts

Everyone likes a good junk food fix now & then. But after roaming the pits Sunday morning at a recent national, we mentally noted an abundance of drive-thru food containers, “fruit” drink jugs and other overt body fuel offenses.

So, when we saw this graphic on 10 disgusting Fast Food facts on Facebook today (created by website PositiveMed), it seemed like a good time to put these out there for your perusal.

No doubt, it is tough to eat right on a budget…and even tougher to do it on the road, when you get back to the hotel late on Saturday night (says the guy with the Dominos box in his room on Sunday morning of South Park). Guilty, your honor. But sometimes, it is not clear how over the top some of the ingredients, the treatments applied to the food during processing, and lax government regulation truly go.

After watching “Food Inc.” two years ago, we deleted all fast food (except Chipotle and Qdoba) from the family diet. I just could not get past the fact that even the “healthy” choices were drenched in chemicals (Apples treated with an aluminium solution to prevent browning)–all the while promoting a message “we’re here to help you eat smarter.” Eating smarter is staying away. For good.

Now, bookmark this page. It is probably the last time you’ll see a guy in a 4x T-Shirt preaching about eating right. After Food, Inc. I went vegetarian, in addition to leaving the fast food arches in the rearview. It’s not for everyone, and being a vegetarian does not mean you eat pea sprouts and mashed yeast all day. But I feel tons better since making the switch two years ago, and I really have no cravings to go back (well, sometimes during ribfest).

Anyway, I have included some links below. If your regular eats on race weekends (and at home) are below, try changing it up for 30 days. Just 30 days. It might just stick.

—Mike Carruth

BMXNEWS - 10 Gross Facts about Fast Foods
BMXNEWS - 10 Gross Facts about Fast Foods

Source: PositiveMed, via Facebook


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