Kyle Bennett Armadillo Downs Track Closes

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Last night at Kyle Bennett Armadillo Downs

Within hours following the tragic loss of Kyle Bennett, near his home in Conroe, Texas, last October 14, the BMX community came together at his home track, Armadillo Downs, to celebrate Kyle’s life, mourn his loss, and begin the long process of healing.

The track, by then renamed Kyle Bennett Armadillo Downs, served as a town square of sorts in the months since the accident, with a memorial plaque placed near the spot where Kyle set down his pit during local races.

Then, a few weeks ago, another setback: Kyle Bennett Armadillo Downs had abruptly lost its lease, and would need to vacate the property by the end of the month (March 31).

USA BMX got involved in discussions with the City of Conroe to try and find a new location for the track, and many in the local scene feel very confident it will happen soon.

Kirby Kronk is a friend of ours down there, and had this to say when we asked for a comment on the situation:

The owner informed the TO only a few weeks ago…so it was a shock to all…not many other details are really needed, because it was so sudden.

You can imagine the hurt…this was where many of the current-crop of riders started out, so it’s their BMX home. It was also a place that saved many lives, because those kids had riding as an alternative to other pursuits. If they didn’t have that…who knows what would have happened to them?

This place was not just a place to ride…it was their home, and now they are “homeless,” with their family spread over a wide swath of open land, waiting to come back to the family reunion at their new place.

There were lots of tears, and stories told last night, and in the days leading up to the closing. It’s bittersweet to leave, but “KB Dillo” will live again real soon. When it does, the BMX family will join together there and celebrate the life of our dear friend Kyle Bennett, as we continue his work there.

Kyle Bennett Memorial at Armadillo Downs BMX
National star Hunter Pelham is a local there as well, and told BMX News that the KB memorial (above, with friends), has been picked up, and will be re-installed at the new location (photo via Facebook).

News wanted to take this opportunity to show our support for KB Dillo, and tell everyone who is part of the scene that we look forward to seeing the first photos of the new digs.

—Mike Carruth

Thanks to Kirby and Hunter for their contribution to this story, and additional appreciation to Kirby for the group photo.