Answer Rennen Lays Down Power in Powder Springs

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Answer/Rennen Atlanta 2013 Race Report

Submitted by George Costa

Answer/Rennen went into Stop #13/14 on the USA BMX series determined to make a stand. This was the first race for the team where we were almost at 100% attendance. The weekend was a huge success for the squad having secured back-to-back wins in factory competition, posting huge scores of 230/244 on the weekend. These results place the team third in the factory standings. There’s still a lot of racing left in the season and the 2013 Answer/Rennen squad has already surpassed last years performance (in terms of good scores).

Here’s how your favorite A/R riders did in Powder Springs

9X Brandon Crain was on a tear in Georgia as the only A/R rider to double-double in class/cruiser. He is proving to be a very valuable off-season pickup for the squad. There is no faster 9X in the country and we are proud to have him in our pit.

10X Nate Coyman (above) was hard-charging in both class and cruiser in Atlanta, but was was riding a little timid. More riding time will give Nate the confidence to attack the track like he did leading up to his Grands crash. Nate is tough and determined to get back on the podium shortly.

10X Gavin Freewalt (above) showed dominance on the track and definitely showed his ability to come from behind. Gavin sent a message to the rest of the class that he’s done playing games and ready to win by multiple bike lengths. Gavin finished off the weekend with a 1st and a 3rd in cruiser and a come-from-behind 2nd in class.

11X Zach Von Bergen is the man! He is so exciting to watch on the track. While the rest of his class pumps their way around, Zach wants to throw whips on anything he can. Zach scored a 3rd on Saturday in a very large 32-rider field, and then came back on Sunday to win the main.

10G Jamie McHenry was testing out the injury she sustained in Oldsmar. “Not feeling 100%” for Jamie meant scoring a second in 11G on Saturday.

Markwane Billingsley of Answer/Rennen
13X Markwane Billingsley (above) is improving in every race lap we see him. Although he struggled with the gate, he shows huge promise, and will improve with the start of the outdoor season in Michigan. Once the parkas come off, he’ll get more riding time in.

14G Abbie Macleod is a beast, with a desire to win that is on her mind 24x7x365. With two wins on cruiser, and a 2nd on 20″ I say shes doing pretty well at it.

15X Cam Moore goes into autopilot when hes on the track. Most of the time that autopilot is set to go to the front. After winning Saturdays 15X main he found himself in third on Sunday going into the first turn, and that’s when its great to watch Cam race, he instinctively puts on the swoop to instantly put himself in the lead and win Sundays main for a Dixieland double.

16X Justin Knapper has been dominating 16X this year scoring some big wins at big races and Georgia was no different. Justin went 1st/2nd on the weekend with Ryan Zinzow who recently aged up into the class. Now starts the year-long battle between these guys. Its great to watch two very fast amateurs who respect each other greatly on and off the track.

17-18X Derik Bergh was in Georgia ready to improve on his performance in Arizona–and that he did. Derik score a 1st/2nd place finish in the ultra-competitive 17-18X. Glad to see him on top of the box. We are looking forward to what he’s gonna do to the class once the snow melts in Minnesota.

19-27X Niles Austin suffered a pretty big blow to the knee 1st round on Saturday. Despite that he was able to get in the main and score a 4th but overnight swelling kept him out of the show on Sunday. Look for a healed-up Niles in NC in a few weeks.

Shawn DiPrete of Factory Answer/Rennen
41+ Shawn DiPrete the big guy sharpened up his elbows and went to battle with his main competition, Shan Hatfield. Although Shawn scored crowd points for the take downs, it was Shan who came away with a few wins on the weekend.

A-Pro Austin Loebe Georgia is a special place for Austin; he has won many laps as an amateur here. The story was the same in A-Pro, as he went on to win his very first race as a Professional on Saturday. I am proud to have been there to see him accomplish this, now that his first is out of the way he can go onto to bang out a few more in the next coming months.

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*Photos by Thor Buchanan, for BMX News.