Mike Spinner Sues Bell Helmets for $800k

December 7, 2012 by  

Mike Spinner Files Suit Against Bell Sports, Inc.
Freestyle star Mike Spinner filed suit on Friday against former helmet sponsor Bell Sports , Inc.and Easton-Bell Sports, Inc. The suit was filed in Florida’s 11th Circuit Court (Miami-Dade County).

The eight-page complaint alleges that, following expiration of Spinner’s contract on December 31, 2010, Bell no longer had authorization to use the athlete’s likeness and name in promotional materials such as websites, ads and packaging. The exhibits in the complaint show online advertisements bearing his name and likeness as recently as April 2012, and packaging in a Sports Authority chain store in 2012.

It further alleges that Bell Sports offered a payment of $10,000 to, in the quoted words of a Bell representative, “make up a little bit for the lack of organization and respect (Spinner) has been given over the last 18 months.” No word on whether that offer was turned down by Spinner’s agent, Brad Lusky, as too small, or if other conditions existed that prevented the parties from settling the matter prior to today’s filing of a formal complaint.

Damages in the amount of $200,000 are being sought as “reasonable royalties,” under Florida Statute, and it asks the court for “exemplary and punitive damages in the amount of $600,000.”

The case is Mike Spinner v. Bell Sports, Inc. and Easton-Bell Sports, Inc. (11th Circuit, Miami-Dade County, FL). Emails to Bell Sports Media Relations, seeking comment, were not returned before deadline.

Photo above via Mike Spinner’s Facebook page. Photographer unknown.