Marian BMX and ProGate Strike it Up

December 5, 2012 by  

Marian University and ProGate Sign three-year Alliance

ProGate and Marian University recently announced that they inked a three-year partnership for support of the Marian BMX program and the Lake Sullivan track at the Indy Cycloplex in, you guessed it, Indianapolis.

Great move by ProGate, since Marian’s BMX program, is on a hot lap to the moon at the moment, At the USA BMX Grands two weeks ago, BMX News shot signing-ceremony photos with a posse of prime pedal pounders that will soon join the already-household-name crew of Chase Hines, Justin Posey and Bryce Hocking (more to come on the new blood later this week).

The Marian Knights Cycling Program is one of the most accomplished of them all, hauling around a resume of titles that dates back to 1995. The BMX Program started last year, with the on-boarding of the tres amigos mentioned above. Coach Dean Peterson and BMX Program Manager, Ryan Birk have mega plans for the BMX side of the program, as BMX Racing becomes more integrated into USA Cycling’s Collegiate Cycling Program.

The ProGate deal made official a relationship started earlier this summer, when the very first ProGrate “Crescent Moon” Gate in North America was installed at the Cycloplex. That install is now high atop the newly-christened “ProGate BMX Starting Hill”– kind of a presidential suite of set-’em-up.

The Marian team will also have a two-man UCI gate (the one with the invididual gates for each rider) for the team to pull out when snow blankets the outdoor. Solid support.

Marian pulled the Lake Sullivan track back from extinction, and is primed to do it up in style in 2013. keep an eye out for more on the ProGate/Marian alliance, as well as the steady stream of bike and brain talent heading that way.

Above: HOLD THE PROGATE! Bryce Hocking (left) gets down-to-business burning up the Social Media scene with Tweets and touts on the new Progate/Marian University partnership. Chase Hines and Justin Posey waiting patiently, like bros do.


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