Answer/Rennen Disney Cup Race Report

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Answer Rennen reports on the 2012 Disney Cup

Submitted by George Costa

The end of the season is finally here and after the thousands of miles traveled by land and air, Answer/Rennen has positioned itself perfectly for an end-of-season title showdown. Coming into the USA BMX Disney Cup Fall Nationals, A/R was siting 11pts behind Factory Intense, which has held the top position for most of the season. Our sister squad Answer/SSquared/TLD was not far behind us, at only one point down.

Once the dust settled on the Disney Cup weekend, both Answer teams leapfrogged over Intense to claim the one and two spots. Although our position remained unchanged, now we find ourselves only 1 pt down from Answer/SSquared who goes into the Grands with the lead. This situation is nothing new for the team, we have gone back and forth with them all season long and it is quite fitting that the best factory team in the nation will be decided at the biggest and final race of the year.

Answer/Rennen scored 1st/3rd/2nd on the Disney cup weekend missing the cup by only a few pts. That’s okay, as we have our sights set on a much bigger cup, ready for pickup Sunday night in Tulsa.

As a team, Answer/Rennen has had a very successful 2012 season. We entered 29 events, scoring 22 podium spots and 13 first place finishes (6 wins in a row). When a team has this much success, it’s because of its riders who have been winning all season, and the following riders have put themselves in reach of National and NAG titles.

These following Answer/Rennen riders have placed themselves in contention for NAG 1 for 2012

Austin Loebe 19-27X: Austin has raced more than anyone on Answer/Rennen this season– all with a purpose. Not only has he given us massive points on the sheets this year, but we have been helping him nip away at the National Amateur title lead. After his commanding 40-rider win on Sunday of the Disney Cup, he goes into Grands as the points leader. Focused more than ever, his future is in his hands now. His last amateur race will be the Grands. One more race to go to get that NAG (and National) title that has eluded him for quite some time.

Shawn Diprete 41-45Cru: Shawn is no stranger to winning cruiser races– or winning the Grands for that matter. The three-time NAG cruiser champion now finally has rider count and destiny on his side, as he is in contention for the National Amateur Cruiser Cup. This will be one of the most exciting races of the night as he has six other fellow 41-45 crusier riders in contention.

Cameron Moore 14X: Cam has narrowly positioned himself in contention to defend his NAG 1 title being 77pts down from #1. This gives him three points of breather room and that’s all he needs to go defend his title. Cam knows the pressure of Grands well, as he is a three-time NAG 1 champion looking to add another title to his collection.

Zach Von Bergen 11X: Zach put himself into NAG 1 title contention also, after a dominating performance at the Disney Cup (a race he has never lost BTW, ever!). His carefree, always wanting to “ramp it” attitude will suit him well as he lines up against the country’s best in 11X.

21-25 Cruiser Battle Royale: 2013 new rider pickups T2S Niles Austin and Jeremy Knapper will be battling it out for this title. Look for Jeremy to be modeling the New 2013 Answer/Rennen Race kit provided by FLY/Crit.

Jaime Mchenry 10G Being in contention on both bikes is a great way to get yourself on a factory squad, Jaime is a 2013 rider pickup for us, and we’re pulling for her to bring home the skinny digits for her current sponsor Time2Shine.

Bailey Brannen 11G/11-12G Cruiser: Bailey has been in full attack mode this year looking to capture her first NAG title, we are pretty confident she’ll walk away with titles in class and cruiser.

Abbie Macleod 13G: Abbie is is one of the hardest working kids on Answer/Rennen and she has put herself in contention to win the 13G NAG title. With an excellent support system behind her, there’s no doubt shes ready to claim that #1 spot.

It was a little over one year ago that John Sawyer and Ryan Birk approved the Answer/Rennen Sponsorship. Without them I’m not sure what or where our riders/I would be. I would like to thank them on behalf of the team for their support in 2012 and beyond. I always knew this team had what it took to be the best in the country, and hopefully on the night of November 25th we will make that dream come true.

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